2012 Healthy Eating Eating Focus Week #5

Welcome to week five of my ten week Healthy Eating Series, to Kick off 2012!

To date, you have learned the importance of slowing down your eating, eating in a relaxed setting and meal cadence. You’ve also learned how all three of those things will boost your metabolism.

Just to recap, your first four Healthy Eating Focuses are:

1. Slow down when you eat.

2. Create a relaxed environment while you eat.

3. Create an eating rhythm with your eating times, as opposed to eating sporadically.

4. Feeling pleasure as opposed to stress in your food choices.

This week the focus is to make sure your food is nourishing.

Focus #5 – Eating for Nourishment

It is important to develop a nourishing relationship with food, or no amount of nutritional or weight loss guidance will ultimately help.Marc David explains, “Someone can eat a great diet, have a great body and even have great health – yet receive little nourishment from food, and indeed can be severely punishing themselves with food and exercise.”

He continues to explain, “As a planet, until we learn to nourish ourselves with food on an individual basis, we will continue to produce and manufacture poor quality food, junk food, toxic food, and remain stuck in a dysfuntional and painful relationship with body, and body image.”

This is so profound to me, and so apparent in our society today.  It seems the more “diets” we come up with, the more we are stripping away from having a nourishing experience with food, and the more we seem to be having a growing problem with obesity.

When it comes time to eat are you eating to nourish yourself?  For instance, do you:

Take time
Play music
Eat with good friends

I encourage you today, to find a happy and nourishing experience with food.  It just may be that experience that helps you create and maintain a healthy body and body image.

Please feel free to pass this valuable information to your friends, family, and co-workers!

In Good Health,

John Preston

Your Fitness Tutor



The nutrition information in this post is all the more effective when combined with a  sound fitness program. Check out my S.U.P.E.R Fitness Training Program to learn how you can live The Ultimate Health Lifestyle.

P.S. The information in this email is from Marc David’s “Food Psychology Coaching” Program. It was written by Certified Food Psychology Coach, Lisa Olona, and shared with her permission. If you like the information and are interested in learning more you can contact Lisa at lisaolona@peoriabootcamp.com

P.S.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, Lisa is a friend and associate. The link to contact her is not an affiliate link. I stand to gain nothing financially by providing you with her contact information. I’m always striving to provide you with FREE, accurate and effective information, that will help you to reach your ultimate potential. And I feel this information that Lisa is sharing serves that purpose.

Huge Announcement

I am excited to announce that I am now The Director of Education at In2One Wellness!

You probably know me as a Personal Trainer or as the Owner of Fitness Know How Headquarters. Which is great.

But throughout my career the driving force in my life has always been to teach people. Fitness Know How Headquarters is an example of that evolution. Through the Internet I was able to go from working with one client at a time to sharing what I know with the world (or at least the many thousands of people who’ve visited the site).

My big career goal is to lead the way in establishing an educational standard for the fitness industry. In much the same way that doctors, attorneys, and many other professionals have a clear educational path they must follow before starting their careers. Fitness professionals should have that same level of respect in the community. And clients deserve quality programs that are safe and effective and delivered by highly educated professionals.

So what does this mean for Fitness Know How Headquarters and my newsletters? You should see very little change. I might not create as many blog post and I may send out fewer newsletters. But as I continue to develop the curriculum, I’ll be able to share that information on the website and though emails. So you may not see any changes at all.

In2One Wellness is an eclectic place for well being. We offer programs for early childhood development, Active Adult Lifestyle programs for boomers, nutrition based weight loss programs, Golf specific programs for juniors through seniors (and competitive golfers), innovative group exercise classes, back pain management and much more.

My job as Director of Education is to create an accredited academy and to deliver certifications for each program. So that the quality of instruction is high and clients experience a genuine In2One Wellness experience as we expand the business into other markets.

Eventually my plan is for the academy to expand into a University that will offer bachelor and master degrees in many disciplines of human movement, nutrition and wellness.

And all of this should be done by the end of the year! Just kidding, it’s going to take many years. But is the impact that I’m going to make in this world and the legacy that I intend to leave.

This new position at In2One Wellness is simply the next step toward that goal.

I’m glad that you are part of this journey with me.

In Good Health,


John Preston

Director of Education

In2One Wellness

Treadmill Sequence

Try this fun sequence next time you’re on the treadmill to shake up your routine.  You’re going to need a set of dumbbells to get some upper body work in while you are walking. The upper body work won’t lead to a lot of strength gain but it will help to elevate your heart rate. The dumbbells should be light, 5-25 pounds depending on your strength.

Hold the dumbbells in your hands during the first part of the sequence.

Walk on the treadmill for 1 minute

                Speed 3MPH, Incline 3 degrees

The second minute you’ll perform alternating dumbbell curls

                Walk for 30 seconds with the dumbbells at your side

Then 1 minute of alternating overhead presses from the top

                Hold both dumbbells overhead as you alternate lowering and raising each arm

               Walk for 30 seconds

Then 1 minute of upright row (not alternating)

                With your palms facing your body, pull the dumbbells up to shoulder level. Leading the movement with your elbows. Your elbows should always be higher than the dumbbells.

                Walk for 30 seconds

Then 1 minute of alternating overhead triceps extensions

                Hold the dumbbells overhead in the same position as the overhead press. Alternate bending at one elbow and lowering the dumbbell behind your head, then extend back to the top.

                Walk for 30 seconds


Put the Dumbbells down

Now do 5 Intervals of 1 Minute of high Intensity and 30 seconds of rest.


If you can run set the speed to 6MPH and leave the incline at 3 degrees. Run for 1 minute then step off to the side of the belt and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.


If you can’t run, keep the speed at 3MPH and increase the incline to 6 degrees. Walk for 1 minute then step to the side of the belt and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Cool Down

Walk for 2 minutes at 3MPH and an incline of 3 degrees

This entire Sequence will take 16.5  minutes.

Have fun and let me know what you think of this workout after you’ve done it. Leave your comments below.


How To Get Flat Abs By Xmas

I just received a newsletter from a former colleague with the following subject line; “Flat abs for Xmas”. This type of marketing is typical fitness industry stuff. Over-hyped, unrealistic promises that prey on your emotional triggers.

 I’m sick of it. Let’s get real!

First of all it is probably impossible for you to have flat abs by Christmas. This Newsletter was sent out on December 1st, so you’d only have 24 days to get your flat abs. To get flat abs you’ll need to get very lean. And while exercise is a vital component you’d have to follow a very strict diet to get flat abs. If you’re following a very strict diet you can expect to lose a max of 1-2 pounds per week. So in four weeks you’ll lose about 4-8 pounds.

If you are more than 4-8 pounds away from flat abs you won’t reach your goal in time for Christmas.

Second, if you’ve got to lose more than 8 pounds to get your flat abs, are you really going to go on an extremely strict diet the 3-4 weeks before Christmas? You have to set realistic, attainable goals. Otherwise you’ll set yourself up for failure. If you fail enough times, you’ll simply give up and stop trying. And when you stop trying, you’ll never reach your goals.

I want you to be successful. I want you to reach your goals. I will help to set you up for success.

Third and most important, is having flat abs really your top priority when it comes to your health, fitness and nutrition? If it is then I’m not interested in helping you. Shoot me and email and I’ll get you in touch with the trainer who promises “flat abs for Xmas.”

When your priorities are rooted in your superficial appearance you are setting yourself up for failure. Because you’re never going to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

The changes that will happen to your body are the by-product (or side effect), of genuine good health and wellness. And that change starts in your mind. If you want to improve your health, you’ll need to change the way that you think about yourself, food, and movement (exercise). When you change your mind, your way of thinking, then you’ll like what you see in the mirror.

Think about it this way. If you don’t think that you’re worthy or deserving of good health, why would you even begin to engage in habits or activities that would lead to improved health?

If you “hate” exercise, do you think that you’ll be successful at it? Have you ever been successful at anything that you hate to do? So to be successful you have to change your mind, change the way you think and feel about exercise. Now this is a process, a journey, there isn’t a switch that you can hit that will cause you to love to exercise when you currently hate it.

But I can show you how.

If you think of food that is bad for your health and in direct opposition to your goals as a “treat” or “reward”, then you need to change your mind. Change your relationship with food. Start to think of food that nourishes your body and improves your health as the reward.

Again this is a process, and a journey. And the destination is good health! It might take longer than 3-4 weeks to get there but it’s worth it.

And unlike the misleading, unrealistic goal of flat abs in 3 weeks, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to maintain your good health for the rest of your life.

Now for a fun little task. In the comment section below create a list of 5-10 health, fitness, and wellness goals that you have. The list must include “Flat Abs”. Then rank them in order of importance to you…

Enjoy….and Have a Merry Christmas
(Flat abs, or not…)

One Of Our Members Has Been Seriously Mislead, And I Want To Help

I’ve been a member of The National Business Experts for less than a month now. I haven’t totally figured out the culture of this group and how to give and get the most out of it. What I like about the group is that it seems the focus is on building real and genuine relationships.  Once that happens, then real and qualified referrals will take place. And those referrals come from each member’s own network of contacts.  This is different than other networking events and groups that I’ve attended in the past. In those groups it feels like everyone in attendance is trying to convince the other networkers to become their customers.

The National Business Experts is way better!

But I know this much, the word “Experts” is right there in the group name. And we can’t be experts in every field or industry. We have to trust when we are making a referral to another member of the group, that our contact will receive incredible service. But beyond that as members we have an additional benefit. We have direct access to top professionals from a huge variety of industries. None of us should ever experience a bad real estate transaction, have a website that doesn’t look and function the way we want,  have too much or too little insurance, have to represent ourselves in legal matters, etc.  I think it is our responsibility to each other, as members of The National Business Experts, to ensure that every member is provided with accurate information and advice in our respective areas of expertise.

And on that note I let a member down last week at The Five Families Mafia Style Networking event. Not because of any bad intentions on my part, but because I was so totally caught off guard by what she was telling me. I was shocked at what she was saying, that I was basically speechless for a few minutes. Want to know what it is? Ready for it? OK

Once she found out that I was a fitness professional she immediately told me that she gets all of the cardio that she needs because she wears 6 pound shoes.  Here’s a quote, she said, “That’s all I have to do.” She was wearing them that night and she even showed them to me. I’m sure she is a wonderful lady. In fact, she seemed like it. But she has no idea what she is talking about. She is wrong.

I regret that I didn’t tell her that last Wednesday. But I’m going to make things right, and tell her now.

The truth is there have been thousands of studies done at accredited universities around the world. These studies are peer reviewed, double blind and follow accepted scientific methodologies. The result of these studies (and I’ve read a ton of them), is that we know exactly how the body responds and adapts to cardiovascular exercise.

Fact: If you want to improve your cardiovascular capacity, then you need to exercise at 55%-85%+ of your maximum heart rate for a specific period of time (typically between 15-120 minutes). Plus you’ll need to exercise 3-6 times per week. Wearing six pound shoes won’t do that.

Well at least no harm can come from wearing the six pound shoes, right? Wrong!

Here is the deal. This really nice lady thinks that she is deriving the benefits of cardiovascular exercise by wearing these 6 pound shoes, when she isn’t. She thinks that she is;

Reducing her risk of heart disease
Reducing her risk of stroke
Reducing her risk of some cancers
Reducing her risk of Adult Onset Diabetes
Increasing her lifespan
Improving her quality of life
Increasing her chances of maintaining an ideal body weight

Because she thinks that all of these great things are happening to her, she’s not really doing the things she should be doing. And her health is obviously important to her or she wouldn’t have bought the shoes in the first place. She is wasting both her time and money by wearing these shoes.

To make matters worse, wearing six pound shoes is going to distract (pull) her ankles, knees and hips. The result of this constant pulling on the joints of her lower body is that the ligaments that stabilize those joints will be stretched. When you stretch ligaments the joints become less stable. This increases the likelihood of injury to those joints.

The only person benefiting by her wearing these shoes is the person that sold them to her. And that person is running a scam.

There is so much misinformation in the fitness and weight loss (diet) industry. There is no way for you to know with certainty what is true and what is misleading. The good news is, that I’m now a member of The National Business Experts. So you don’t have to guess and hope that you’re doing the right things when it comes to fitness anymore.

Before you start an exercise or weight loss program, or if you have any questions about the things that you’re currently doing please call me or email me. Or just send a message on Facebook.

I’m here to help.

Cell – 602.999.4593
email – john@fitnessknowhowhq.com

John Preston
Your Fitness Tutor



Simple Health And Fitness Tips

Worth Your Time

Commit to small goals. They should be goals that you can easily meet, initially, such as walking 10 minutes per day, four day a week instead of an hour, seven days per week.

Find Support. It’s easier to stay on track with friends who are there with you.

List your reasons. Keep a list of why a goal is important. Post it where you can see it or pull it out from a purse or wallet often.

Waste Of Time

Starting a restrictive diet. Ask yourself, “Can I imagine doing this everyday for the rest of my like?” If not, don’t bother, because a soon as you return to old habits, the weight returns.

Not anticipating setbacks and cravings. Realize that a healthier-you plan will need adjusting and that cravings or dieting slip-ups are inevitable, It doesn’t mean that you should abandon your health goals.

Failing to consider your likes and dislikes, when setting health and fitness goals. For example, setting a workout late in the day even though you’re a morning person. Or taking up running to lose weight even though you hate to run but love to swim.

What to do Today

Take the Stairs. Every little bit helps, and over the course of a year , taking the stairs can burn thousands of calories.

Buy a pedometer. A step counter provides immediate feedback and motivation to add activity to your daily life.

Write down your goals and accomplishments. Use positive inspiring words when writing goals. When writing about accomplishment, write how you felt completing each task or goal. Review you goals often.

What to do this week.

Break your current goals into smaller goals. That you will achieve in one-month chunks.

Start paying attention to why you eat, not just what you eat. People gain weight because the eat more food than their body needs. Every time you feel like eating, ask yourself, “am I hungry:” this will tell you if you’re eating because of stress, boredom, simply because it ‘s meal time or you belong to the clean-your-plate club.

Write specific “exercise appointment” on your calendar. If something comes up, re-schedule your appointment for later in the week.

What to do this month

Set up a reward system for achieving small goals. For example, pay yourself a dollar every time you workout.

Prepare nutritious meals in advance, for the entire week or beyond.

Forgive yourself, If you didn’t meet a goal, go over why you missed the goal and what you can do differently.

What to do in the next six month.

Examine your basic health needs. People set health and fitness goals but often forget to build in time for things like mammograms and eye and dental exams.

Improve your self-image and self-confidence a notch, you will become happier and that can lead to living a healthy life

Re-evaluate your goals and time allotted to achieve them. Identify obstacle and solutions. View this as a chance to learn about yourself and practice new strategies.

Why “Fitness Tutor”

One of the more significant changes that you may have noticed recently, is my use of the term. “Your Fitness Tutor.” I want to take a little time and explain the reasons and importance of that phrase. I want to explain what it means for you and how I can continue to help you.

I began my career in fitness almost 18 years ago. If you know me personally, then you most likely would consider me a Personal Trainer or Boot Camp Instructor. But I no longer consider myself either. I’ve created and developed Fitness Know How Headquarters to help more people to improve their health and fitness. I believe through this new approach people will get better faster and permanent results from their fitness programs, compared with working with a Personal Trainer

The Personal Trainer model is broken, it doesn’t work for the vast majority of clients. It only works for the Personal Trainer. They continue to take your money and don’t teach you a thing about how to get results. Don’t get me wrong all of the trainers actually want you to get results, but they’ve got bills so they will continue to tell you that what you really want is a trainer. Plus a common flaw is that people think that the actual hiring of the trainer or joining of the gym is all they need to do to get results. I’ll teach you what you really should be doing.

Here’s the Deal. You don’t join a gym because you want a gym membership. And you don’t hire a Personal Trainer because you want a Personal Trainer. You want results! You want to experience some meaningful and significant health and fitness results. Now everyone has different reasons and goals, so I’m not going to tell you what your goals should be. But the bottom line is when you join a gym or hire a trainer you want results.

So here is my question. Have you joined a gym in the past or hired a personal trainer and not gotten the results that you wanted?

If you answered yes, then I’m going to share the secret why?

You don’t know what you’re doing.

Now don’t freak out and get mad at me. There is a lot of stuff that I don’t know how to do. If the transmission fails in my car, it’d be a really bad idea for me to try to fix it myself. I’d take it to a professional, a mechanic. And it’d be expensive to fix. But you know what, I’d get the results that I want (a fixed transmission, not a mechanic).

A Personal Trainer is way more expensive than a mechanic. Why would you keep spending money on a gym membership or a Personal Trainer when you don’t have to?

The Good News is, you don’t have to. You just need some simple, basic, and honest information on exercise and how the body works. Then you’ll get the results that you want. You don’t have to master the information. I’ve already done that. And I’m happy to share it with you.

That’s where “Your Fitness Tutor” comes in. If your struggling with math, you don’t get different parents, or change teachers or move to a different school district. You hire a tutor. Someone who understands the subject thoroughly. And you spend just enough time with that tutor to bring you up to speed to get the results that you want.

That’s why I use the term “Tutor,” because a teacher, trainer, coach, instructor, etc., is there on a daily basis. With a tutor you pop in, get the information and help that you need then you’re on your way.

Then you can come back to Fitness Know How Headquarter when you aren’t experiencing the results you want, and learn what you need to. Then go off on your own and experience incredible success.

All of my programs are designed to teach you what you need to know so that you can be successful on your own for the rest of your life.

And I provide that information at a fraction of the cost of just one year of Personal Training. If you trained with me 3 times/week for a year it’d cost you over $11,000. And you may or may not get the results that you want.

But if you are willing to take the time to learn just a little, then you’ll get the results that you want and you won’t spend that much in a lifetime (and once you learn it, you’ll have a very long and healthy life).

Now there is a catch. You’re going to have to take personal responsibility for your behavior. I can provide you will all of the information that you’ll ever need to know to be successful. But if you don’t apply it, nothing will happen.

But that’s really not that big of a deal. Who in their right mind wouldn’t make their own health a priority once they are equipped with accurate and honest information?

The Benefits of having a Fitness Tutor

1. Super Low Cost
2. Affordable and Effective Fitness Solutions
3. You’ll Be Empowered With Knowledge For Life Long Success
4. The Results That You Want!

In Good Health,

John Preston
Your Fitness Tutor

First Annual Update

Welcome to the First Annual State of the HQ address! This is going to be fun. About a year ago, you elected me to lead you as “Your Fitness Tutor”. Ok, not really. I decided all by myself that I wanted to drop some fitness and nutrition knowledge on you.

So, how have we gotten to this day?

About 14 months ago, I decided that I wanted to build a website/business that would allow me to reach out and help more people (way more) than I was able to as a Personal Trainer. I did a little research and decided to build a blog website using wordpress. Based on what I read, this would be easy and allow me to make updates to my site quickly. Plus, according to wordpress, I’d be blogging in about 15 minutes.

Two months later, I launched Fitness Know How Headquarters (fireworks in the background). Now, two months is a lot longer than 15 minutes (remember I’m a fitness person not a computer person). Fitness Know How Headquarters is one year old this month.

I want to thank you for being a part of my first year and trusting me as a credible source of fitness and nutrition information (on that note, DON’T BUY A SHAKE WEIGHT, THEY DON’T WORK!).

But seriously, one year ago when I launched Fitness Know How Headquarters the site had:

1. A free give-away “10 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism.”
2. One featured post.
3. My Bio/Story.
4. A bunch of promises on what the site would become.

Now in all honesty, the site will never be finished. I’ll always be adding new information.

Today, Fitness Know How Headquarters is a much different place to visit online than it was just one year ago.

Here are just some of the changes:

1. There are now 8 featured posts.
2. There are now 60 pages to the site (though many are hidden, terms conditions, etc).
3. There are now 89 blog posts (that’s a lot of fitness 411)
4. There are 12 exercises and descriptions in the photo gallery.
5. There are also 12 exercise videos in the video gallery.
6. You can “like” the Fitness Know How Headquarters fan page on Facebook
7. You can follow me on Twitter or connect on Linkedin.

In addition to those changes, I’ve also developed 7 effective and unique programs

1. My FREE give-away “31 Days To A Much Improved You”, and as you’ll see when you sign up for it, it’s “So Much Free Info, It’s Crazy!”

2. I released my first ebook, Secrets Of A Personal Trainer. This book is for everyone who has gone to the gym and is honest enough with themselves to admit that they weren’t sure of what to do. Or, people who were positive that they knew what they were doing, yet didn’t reach their goals. “Secrets” will take all of the guess work out of what you should be doing. You’ll learn how to design workouts that are specific to your goals. After you read it and apply the info, you’ll reach your goals.

3. The STAX Nutrition System. Ok, I didn’t develop or create this program. But, my friend Chris Powell did, and it works. If you want to lose weight safely and effectively, STAX is the best way to do it. STAX focuses on three basic principles; eat whole and natural foods, eat proper portions, and eat your meals frequently. If you want to lose weight, you should start STAX.

4. Fitness Know How Headquarters’ Workout Of The Month Program. Every month you’ll get a completely different workout. When you change your workouts often, your body is forced to adapt. This means that you can expect incredible results. The workouts are unique. I guarantee that you won’t come across workouts like this anywhere else. Plus, it’s only $3.99-$7.99/month.

5. John Preston’s Weight Loss Coaching Program. This is a local program for people in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. On this program, I’m your personal coach. I’ll teach you everything you’ll ever need to know to lose weight, reach your goals, and keep the weight off.

6. Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover (live). This program is also for people in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. This is a 56 day personal challenge. The goal of the program is to lose as much weight (body fat) as possible. This is a short term physical challenge where you’ll learn that you are stronger than you previously thought. You’ll amaze yourself at the things you’ll accomplish.

7. Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover (online). This program is exactly the same as the “live” version, except it’s for people who don’t live in AZ. The only difference is that you’ll work out on your own, without supervision. Because of that, the price is lower.

Wow! It’s been quite a first year. As you can see, I’m very serious and committed to helping people improve the quality and length of their lives by sharing accurate fitness and nutrition information.

And, I’m just getting started. Here a few things that you can look forward to this upcoming year.

1. I’m revamping “31 Days To A Much Improved You” into a down-loadable ebook called “31 Days To Ultimate Health”. That way, you’ll have the information available to you at all times instead of having it get lost in the clutter of your inbox. But, I’m not stopping there. I’m creating additional free bonuses as part of the “31 Days To Ultimate Health” program. So, even if you’ve already signed up for 31 Days, you’ll want to be a part of this. Stay Tuned.

2. At least 3 more featured posts are coming your way.

3. If you live outside of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, an online version of my Weight Loss Coaching Program is being developed.

4. Later this year, I plan to launch my Fitness Seminar Program. These seminars are very low cost events. At these seminars, you’ll learn why you should do certain exercises and how to perform them properly. The seminars will cover topics like: low back pain, nutrition, hotel and travel workouts, stability ball workouts and many more.

5. Soon to follow the Fitness Seminar Program will be simulcast webinars, so no matter where you live in the world, you’ll be able to attend.

6. Plus, there are some secret programs I’m not yet ready to reveal.

It’s been a busy year, but I love it. Sharing what I know with you and helping you to live a better life is my passion. It drives me. I wake up every morning (though not super early) ready to go.

With all of the stuff out there vying for your attention, I’m honored that you trust me and that you are a part of my program. Thank you. Until next year (ok, I’ll send you some more stuff before then)…

In Good Health,

John Preston
“Your Fitness Tutor”

10 Tips To Help You To Get Happier

Here are 10 simple tips that can help you to get happier starting today!

1. Challenge yourself – Whether your dream is to write a novel or climb a mountain, set goals for yourself that are specific, realistic and attainable. Break your big goals into smaller, manageable action steps – small steps lead to lasting changes and happiness.

2. Make Friends – The happiest people are the ones who have good social relationships.

3. Take a mental vacation – Feeling Stressed? Close your eyes. Mentally place yourself in an environment that gives you peace and pleasure. Visualize your fantasy place and what you would do there.

4. Say no! – That’ the magic word that can change your life, give you back your time, and help you lead a happier life. Protect your free time so you’l have a chance to do what you really want to.

5. Treat yourself – Treating yourself to a massage, facial, manicure, haircut, or pedicure is a wonderful way to take some time for yourself. It’ll improve your physical appearance and your mental outlook at the same time.

6. Cut back on TV – The average person watches more than three hours of television every day. Limit yourself to favorite programs and look for other ways to spend your time instead.

7. Appreciate what you have – Instead of focusing on what you want and don’t have, keep a gratitude journal where you record things that you’re thankful for. Your heath, your friends, your family, the sun on your face in the morning, etc…

8. Pump up the volume – When you’re down in the dumps, put on your favorite tunes, crank the volume and dance. You can’t not feel better.

9. Set your sights – Setting goals that matter to you personally, and striving to achieve them affects your level of happiness and self satisfaction.

10. Workout – Exercise boost mood and alleviates depression, which means you’ll feel better after your workout.

10 Tips To Help You Have More Energy

Here are 10 simple tips that can help you to increase your energy starting today!

1. Drink up – Feeling tired? You may be dehydrated. One of the first signs is fatigue. Drink at least 12 eight-ounce glasses of water every day (that’s 96 oz.). If you exercise vigorously, you’ll need more.

2. Get enough protein – Many people don’t eat enough meat or don’t eat enough plant based protein.  You should consume some protein at every meal to help keep your energy levels high.

3. Space out your meals – That mid-afternoon slump is probably the result of not eating enough earlier in the day. Spread your calories out throughout the day and you’ll feel better.

4. Hit the mattress – More than half (63%) don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep. Some people may thrive on five to six hours of sleep, but others feel better with eight or even nine hours of sleep.

5. Set a schedule – Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day. This will help you to set your “body clock, and help you sleep better.

6. Exercise early – Don’t work out too close to bedtime. It may affect your sleep quality because your metabolism is still running high. Some light stretching or yoga are fine before bed, but perform your higher intensity workouts earlier in the day.

7. Take a siesta – A short nap mid-afternoon can refresh and energize you for the rest of the day. A short nap – 15 to 20 minutes  – should do the trick.

8. Go easy on the alcohol – It tends to interfere with sleep. Plus a hangover will affect your energy levels and your mood the next day.

9. Take your training down a notch – Persistent fatigue can be a sign up over training. Take a few days off to let your body recuperate. Note: This will help only if you are really over training (exercising everyday at very high intensity), if your not please, don’t use this Tip as an excuse to stop exercising.

10. See your doctor – Fatigue can be the result of anemia, a thyroid problem, or other medical issues. Schedule a checkup to rule that out.

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