Why “Fitness Tutor”

One of the more significant changes that you may have noticed recently, is my use of the term. “Your Fitness Tutor.” I want to take a little time and explain the reasons and importance of that phrase. I want to explain what it means for you and how I can continue to help you.

I began my career in fitness almost 18 years ago. If you know me personally, then you most likely would consider me a Personal Trainer or Boot Camp Instructor. But I no longer consider myself either. I’ve created and developed Fitness Know How Headquarters to help more people to improve their health and fitness. I believe through this new approach people will get better faster and permanent results from their fitness programs, compared with working with a Personal Trainer

The Personal Trainer model is broken, it doesn’t work for the vast majority of clients. It only works for the Personal Trainer. They continue to take your money and don’t teach you a thing about how to get results. Don’t get me wrong all of the trainers actually want you to get results, but they’ve got bills so they will continue to tell you that what you really want is a trainer. Plus a common flaw is that people think that the actual hiring of the trainer or joining of the gym is all they need to do to get results. I’ll teach you what you really should be doing.

Here’s the Deal. You don’t join a gym because you want a gym membership. And you don’t hire a Personal Trainer because you want a Personal Trainer. You want results! You want to experience some meaningful and significant health and fitness results. Now everyone has different reasons and goals, so I’m not going to tell you what your goals should be. But the bottom line is when you join a gym or hire a trainer you want results.

So here is my question. Have you joined a gym in the past or hired a personal trainer and not gotten the results that you wanted?

If you answered yes, then I’m going to share the secret why?

You don’t know what you’re doing.

Now don’t freak out and get mad at me. There is a lot of stuff that I don’t know how to do. If the transmission fails in my car, it’d be a really bad idea for me to try to fix it myself. I’d take it to a professional, a mechanic. And it’d be expensive to fix. But you know what, I’d get the results that I want (a fixed transmission, not a mechanic).

A Personal Trainer is way more expensive than a mechanic. Why would you keep spending money on a gym membership or a Personal Trainer when you don’t have to?

The Good News is, you don’t have to. You just need some simple, basic, and honest information on exercise and how the body works. Then you’ll get the results that you want. You don’t have to master the information. I’ve already done that. And I’m happy to share it with you.

That’s where “Your Fitness Tutor” comes in. If your struggling with math, you don’t get different parents, or change teachers or move to a different school district. You hire a tutor. Someone who understands the subject thoroughly. And you spend just enough time with that tutor to bring you up to speed to get the results that you want.

That’s why I use the term “Tutor,” because a teacher, trainer, coach, instructor, etc., is there on a daily basis. With a tutor you pop in, get the information and help that you need then you’re on your way.

Then you can come back to Fitness Know How Headquarter when you aren’t experiencing the results you want, and learn what you need to. Then go off on your own and experience incredible success.

All of my programs are designed to teach you what you need to know so that you can be successful on your own for the rest of your life.

And I provide that information at a fraction of the cost of just one year of Personal Training. If you trained with me 3 times/week for a year it’d cost you over $11,000. And you may or may not get the results that you want.

But if you are willing to take the time to learn just a little, then you’ll get the results that you want and you won’t spend that much in a lifetime (and once you learn it, you’ll have a very long and healthy life).

Now there is a catch. You’re going to have to take personal responsibility for your behavior. I can provide you will all of the information that you’ll ever need to know to be successful. But if you don’t apply it, nothing will happen.

But that’s really not that big of a deal. Who in their right mind wouldn’t make their own health a priority once they are equipped with accurate and honest information?

The Benefits of having a Fitness Tutor

1. Super Low Cost
2. Affordable and Effective Fitness Solutions
3. You’ll Be Empowered With Knowledge For Life Long Success
4. The Results That You Want!

In Good Health,

John Preston
Your Fitness Tutor


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