Simple Health And Fitness Tips

Worth Your Time

Commit to small goals. They should be goals that you can easily meet, initially, such as walking 10 minutes per day, four day a week instead of an hour, seven days per week.

Find Support. It’s easier to stay on track with friends who are there with you.

List your reasons. Keep a list of why a goal is important. Post it where you can see it or pull it out from a purse or wallet often.

Waste Of Time

Starting a restrictive diet. Ask yourself, “Can I imagine doing this everyday for the rest of my like?” If not, don’t bother, because a soon as you return to old habits, the weight returns.

Not anticipating setbacks and cravings. Realize that a healthier-you plan will need adjusting and that cravings or dieting slip-ups are inevitable, It doesn’t mean that you should abandon your health goals.

Failing to consider your likes and dislikes, when setting health and fitness goals. For example, setting a workout late in the day even though you’re a morning person. Or taking up running to lose weight even though you hate to run but love to swim.

What to do Today

Take the Stairs. Every little bit helps, and over the course of a year , taking the stairs can burn thousands of calories.

Buy a pedometer. A step counter provides immediate feedback and motivation to add activity to your daily life.

Write down your goals and accomplishments. Use positive inspiring words when writing goals. When writing about accomplishment, write how you felt completing each task or goal. Review you goals often.

What to do this week.

Break your current goals into smaller goals. That you will achieve in one-month chunks.

Start paying attention to why you eat, not just what you eat. People gain weight because the eat more food than their body needs. Every time you feel like eating, ask yourself, “am I hungry:” this will tell you if you’re eating because of stress, boredom, simply because it ‘s meal time or you belong to the clean-your-plate club.

Write specific “exercise appointment” on your calendar. If something comes up, re-schedule your appointment for later in the week.

What to do this month

Set up a reward system for achieving small goals. For example, pay yourself a dollar every time you workout.

Prepare nutritious meals in advance, for the entire week or beyond.

Forgive yourself, If you didn’t meet a goal, go over why you missed the goal and what you can do differently.

What to do in the next six month.

Examine your basic health needs. People set health and fitness goals but often forget to build in time for things like mammograms and eye and dental exams.

Improve your self-image and self-confidence a notch, you will become happier and that can lead to living a healthy life

Re-evaluate your goals and time allotted to achieve them. Identify obstacle and solutions. View this as a chance to learn about yourself and practice new strategies.

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