How To Get Flat Abs By Xmas

I just received a newsletter from a former colleague with the following subject line; “Flat abs for Xmas”. This type of marketing is typical fitness industry stuff. Over-hyped, unrealistic promises that prey on your emotional triggers.

 I’m sick of it. Let’s get real!

First of all it is probably impossible for you to have flat abs by Christmas. This Newsletter was sent out on December 1st, so you’d only have 24 days to get your flat abs. To get flat abs you’ll need to get very lean. And while exercise is a vital component you’d have to follow a very strict diet to get flat abs. If you’re following a very strict diet you can expect to lose a max of 1-2 pounds per week. So in four weeks you’ll lose about 4-8 pounds.

If you are more than 4-8 pounds away from flat abs you won’t reach your goal in time for Christmas.

Second, if you’ve got to lose more than 8 pounds to get your flat abs, are you really going to go on an extremely strict diet the 3-4 weeks before Christmas? You have to set realistic, attainable goals. Otherwise you’ll set yourself up for failure. If you fail enough times, you’ll simply give up and stop trying. And when you stop trying, you’ll never reach your goals.

I want you to be successful. I want you to reach your goals. I will help to set you up for success.

Third and most important, is having flat abs really your top priority when it comes to your health, fitness and nutrition? If it is then I’m not interested in helping you. Shoot me and email and I’ll get you in touch with the trainer who promises “flat abs for Xmas.”

When your priorities are rooted in your superficial appearance you are setting yourself up for failure. Because you’re never going to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

The changes that will happen to your body are the by-product (or side effect), of genuine good health and wellness. And that change starts in your mind. If you want to improve your health, you’ll need to change the way that you think about yourself, food, and movement (exercise). When you change your mind, your way of thinking, then you’ll like what you see in the mirror.

Think about it this way. If you don’t think that you’re worthy or deserving of good health, why would you even begin to engage in habits or activities that would lead to improved health?

If you “hate” exercise, do you think that you’ll be successful at it? Have you ever been successful at anything that you hate to do? So to be successful you have to change your mind, change the way you think and feel about exercise. Now this is a process, a journey, there isn’t a switch that you can hit that will cause you to love to exercise when you currently hate it.

But I can show you how.

If you think of food that is bad for your health and in direct opposition to your goals as a “treat” or “reward”, then you need to change your mind. Change your relationship with food. Start to think of food that nourishes your body and improves your health as the reward.

Again this is a process, and a journey. And the destination is good health! It might take longer than 3-4 weeks to get there but it’s worth it.

And unlike the misleading, unrealistic goal of flat abs in 3 weeks, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to maintain your good health for the rest of your life.

Now for a fun little task. In the comment section below create a list of 5-10 health, fitness, and wellness goals that you have. The list must include “Flat Abs”. Then rank them in order of importance to you…

Enjoy….and Have a Merry Christmas
(Flat abs, or not…)


  1. That’s true Richard. The sad truth is that a quick fix, isn’t a fix at all!!!

  2. Great post. Sadly too many people are looking for a quick fix.

  3. Love your blog!

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