Extreme Makeover Season 2 Premier (Tony)

Top Quotes From The Season 2 Premier

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

Because each episode of this show follows a very similar format, I’ve decided not to go through a thorough run down of each show this season. Instead I’ll mention some key moments and lessons and share them with you. Plus I’ll list the top inspirational and motivational quotes from each show. Hopefully this inspiration will help you to reach your weight loss goals.

The overall take away message that I want to share is that Tony overcame a ton of “real life” obstacles during his year.  Yet he didn’t allow any of them to derail him. He was unemployed, broke up with his fiance, ended up homeless and started a new career in Security. All of this at the age of 49.

Despite all of this he still lost 200 pounds in 12 months!

If he can have that type of success in the face of that much turmoil, certainly you can find a way to reach your weight loss goals.

The time for excuses is over!

Now for the top quotes

“Food makes me happy.”

“Food gave me pleasure, gave me joy, gave me love, I enjoy it.”

“Eating is where I got my joy and love from.”

Tony clearly was an emotional eater. He had a very deep rooted emotional relationship with food. It is very common for people who have this type of emotional connection with food to struggle with their weight. If you identify with this, you’ll need to address your own personal emotional relationship with food to be successful. You will probably struggle if you just focus on the behavioral and habitual aspects of nutrition and weight loss. If you need help with this you should find an experienced counselor in your area.

“I don’t want to die obese. I don’t, I’m scared.”

“It just seem like we’ve both been overweight for so long. It’s kind of hard to know that you’re not going to be obese anymore.”

You’ll also have to overcome any fear that you might have about a new self-identity of “an obese person” to be successful.

“Life does seem unfair at times. But I don’t think that life throws anything at you that you can handle or you can’t change if you have the will or the determination.”

“You don’t have to give up. You just need to dig deep down inside and say, ‘I’m doing to do this for myself’ and you have to love yourself”

Notice the evolution of the language that Tony used from the beginning of the year through the end of the year. This weight loss journey is all about the changes that occur on the inside. You have to change your mind to be able to change your body. Your body is just a physical manifestation of what is happening on the inside.

Start your journey…see you next week!


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