10 Tips To Help You To Get Happier

Here are 10 simple tips that can help you to get happier starting today!

1. Challenge yourself – Whether your dream is to write a novel or climb a mountain, set goals for yourself that are specific, realistic and attainable. Break your big goals into smaller, manageable action steps – small steps lead to lasting changes and happiness.

2. Make Friends – The happiest people are the ones who have good social relationships.

3. Take a mental vacation – Feeling Stressed? Close your eyes. Mentally place yourself in an environment that gives you peace and pleasure. Visualize your fantasy place and what you would do there.

4. Say no! – That’ the magic word that can change your life, give you back your time, and help you lead a happier life. Protect your free time so you’l have a chance to do what you really want to.

5. Treat yourself – Treating yourself to a massage, facial, manicure, haircut, or pedicure is a wonderful way to take some time for yourself. It’ll improve your physical appearance and your mental outlook at the same time.

6. Cut back on TV – The average person watches more than three hours of television every day. Limit yourself to favorite programs and look for other ways to spend your time instead.

7. Appreciate what you have – Instead of focusing on what you want and don’t have, keep a gratitude journal where you record things that you’re thankful for. Your heath, your friends, your family, the sun on your face in the morning, etc…

8. Pump up the volume – When you’re down in the dumps, put on your favorite tunes, crank the volume and dance. You can’t not feel better.

9. Set your sights – Setting goals that matter to you personally, and striving to achieve them affects your level of happiness and self satisfaction.

10. Workout – Exercise boost mood and alleviates depression, which means you’ll feel better after your workout.

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