2012 Healthy Eating Eating Focus Week #5

Welcome to week five of my ten week Healthy Eating Series, to Kick off 2012!

To date, you have learned the importance of slowing down your eating, eating in a relaxed setting and meal cadence. You’ve also learned how all three of those things will boost your metabolism.

Just to recap, your first four Healthy Eating Focuses are:

1. Slow down when you eat.

2. Create a relaxed environment while you eat.

3. Create an eating rhythm with your eating times, as opposed to eating sporadically.

4. Feeling pleasure as opposed to stress in your food choices.

This week the focus is to make sure your food is nourishing.

Focus #5 – Eating for Nourishment

It is important to develop a nourishing relationship with food, or no amount of nutritional or weight loss guidance will ultimately help.Marc David explains, “Someone can eat a great diet, have a great body and even have great health – yet receive little nourishment from food, and indeed can be severely punishing themselves with food and exercise.”

He continues to explain, “As a planet, until we learn to nourish ourselves with food on an individual basis, we will continue to produce and manufacture poor quality food, junk food, toxic food, and remain stuck in a dysfuntional and painful relationship with body, and body image.”

This is so profound to me, and so apparent in our society today.  It seems the more “diets” we come up with, the more we are stripping away from having a nourishing experience with food, and the more we seem to be having a growing problem with obesity.

When it comes time to eat are you eating to nourish yourself?  For instance, do you:

Take time
Play music
Eat with good friends

I encourage you today, to find a happy and nourishing experience with food.  It just may be that experience that helps you create and maintain a healthy body and body image.

Please feel free to pass this valuable information to your friends, family, and co-workers!

In Good Health,

John Preston

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P.S. The information in this email is from Marc David’s “Food Psychology Coaching” Program. It was written by Certified Food Psychology Coach, Lisa Olona, and shared with her permission. If you like the information and are interested in learning more you can contact Lisa at lisaolona@peoriabootcamp.com

P.S.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, Lisa is a friend and associate. The link to contact her is not an affiliate link. I stand to gain nothing financially by providing you with her contact information. I’m always striving to provide you with FREE, accurate and effective information, that will help you to reach your ultimate potential. And I feel this information that Lisa is sharing serves that purpose.

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