Huge Announcement

I am excited to announce that I am now The Director of Education at In2One Wellness!

You probably know me as a Personal Trainer or as the Owner of Fitness Know How Headquarters. Which is great.

But throughout my career the driving force in my life has always been to teach people. Fitness Know How Headquarters is an example of that evolution. Through the Internet I was able to go from working with one client at a time to sharing what I know with the world (or at least the many thousands of people who’ve visited the site).

My big career goal is to lead the way in establishing an educational standard for the fitness industry. In much the same way that doctors, attorneys, and many other professionals have a clear educational path they must follow before starting their careers. Fitness professionals should have that same level of respect in the community. And clients deserve quality programs that are safe and effective and delivered by highly educated professionals.

So what does this mean for Fitness Know How Headquarters and my newsletters? You should see very little change. I might not create as many blog post and I may send out fewer newsletters. But as I continue to develop the curriculum, I’ll be able to share that information on the website and though emails. So you may not see any changes at all.

In2One Wellness is an eclectic place for well being. We offer programs for early childhood development, Active Adult Lifestyle programs for boomers, nutrition based weight loss programs, Golf specific programs for juniors through seniors (and competitive golfers), innovative group exercise classes, back pain management and much more.

My job as Director of Education is to create an accredited academy and to deliver certifications for each program. So that the quality of instruction is high and clients experience a genuine In2One Wellness experience as we expand the business into other markets.

Eventually my plan is for the academy to expand into a University that will offer bachelor and master degrees in many disciplines of human movement, nutrition and wellness.

And all of this should be done by the end of the year! Just kidding, it’s going to take many years. But is the impact that I’m going to make in this world and the legacy that I intend to leave.

This new position at In2One Wellness is simply the next step toward that goal.

I’m glad that you are part of this journey with me.

In Good Health,


John Preston

Director of Education

In2One Wellness

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