10 Tips To Help You Get Healthier

Here are 10 simple tips that can help you to improve your health starting today!

1. Go for the best – There’s a lot of food out there: make the commitment to always choose the best from what’s available. Look for the freshest, least-processed, and healthier options.

2. Up your vitamin quotient – Eat at least one great big salad every day. Use vitamin-packed greens like romaine, arugula, tomatoes and carrots.

3. Focus on fruit – Grab different colored fruits and keep them out so you’re more likely to eat it. Or try dried fruit like apples, peaches, pears, bananas or raisins. Chop them up throw in some nuts and you’ve got great trail mix.

4. Oxygenate yourself – Chronic stress is depleting; when you’re under pressure, you tend to take short shallow breaths which deprive your body of the oxygen it needs. Sit still and take 10 deep, slow breaths. Mentally you’ll feel calmer. Physiologically, you’ll bring down both your heart rate and your blood pressure.

5. Exercise regularly – Regular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some types of cancer. Think of it as a preventative pill.

6. Check in with your body – Avoid muscle strains by using this body scanning move. When you feel tense, close your eyes and do a mental scan of your body to find the areas where your body is reacting to stress. Move that area to increase blood flow.

7. Take it up a notch – People who exercise the most intensely have the lowest risk of coronary heart disease.

8. Don’t smoke – Come on, you knew this one already. If you do, pick and date to quit. You’ll improve your life expectancy and your breath too. Smoking is the single most unhealthy thing you can do.

9. Take it easy – If you tend to be stressed out most of the time, incorporate relaxation into your day. Five-minute breathing breaks can help you control stress.

10. Get regular checkups – Preventative care will help you to say healthy over the long haul.

10 Tips To Help You Get More Fit

Here are 10 simple tips that can help you to improve your fitness starting today

1. Know yourself – Want to stick to your exercise program? Choose a schedule that works for you. If you’re a morning person, heard for the gym first thing. All of your good intentions could be gone by the end of the day. If your not a morning person, don’t force yourself to the gym at dawn.

2. Have a ball – Exercise balls are one of the best trends for a good reason. They are versatile, can be used at home or the fitness center. They help to improve balance, stability and coordination. Plus they can be fun and relaxing. They are accessible and not threatening.

3. Hit the weights – There’s no substitute for strength training to improve your body’s ability and appearance. You may not see the scale move right away, but as you gain muscle mass and lose fat, you’ll notice that you look slimmer and leaner.

4. Cut yourself some slack – If you get discouraged about your fitness progress, think back to your first week. Give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished already and for overcoming the biggest obstacle; getting started.

5. Beat the six-month barrier – Half of all people who join an exercise program drop out in the first 6 months. And half of those drop out before they even attempt a single workout. If you break the 6 month barrier, you’re likely to make exercise a lifelong habit.

6. Get it on Disc – Can’t make it to the gym? Have a stash of workout videos at home. You can work out at home any hour that you choose.

7. Do something different – Try an exercise activity that is very different form what you do at work. If your job is demanding and time-pressured, get outside and hike. If your job is task-oriented and full of details, you might like a cardio machine. Which allows you to zone out and concentrate on anything.

8. Split it up – Aim for 60 minutes of exercise a day, and break it up into 20-minute chucks to make it more doable.

9. Engage your brain – Lots of people give up exercise because it involves your body and leaves out the mind. Look for way to get fit that also ask you to learn something. Like belly dancing, ballet, hatha yoga or Tai Chi.

10. Believe in yourself – Numerous studies show that exercisers who believe in their abilities perform at a higher level, and are more likely to stick with a regular routine.

Ten Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Here are 10 proven, practical tips to help you lose weight, have more energy, lead a healthier lifestyle, shape up and feel better.

1. Take The Stairs – Every little bit adds up, avoid the elevator whenever possible, and opt for the stairs instead. If you work on the 30th floor, get off on the 25th and walk the rest of the way.

2. Get Enough Sleep – Sufficient rest may make it easier to shed pounds as well, Researchers theorize that shorting yourself on sleep may make you hungrier, and cause hormone alteration that affect your metabolism and  make you more likely to gain weight.

3. Don’t Buy It – Out of sight, out of mind. When you shop, stay away from empty calorie foods. Instead of buying chips, buy pretzels. Instead of candy, buy seasonal fruit, Stock your house with better food choices.

4. Write It Down – Write down everything that you eat, it will make you more aware of what you’re consuming. And less likely to mindlessly eat.

5. Create New Habits – Do you walk in the door at night and head straight for the refrigerator? Instead, drink a big glass of water and take a shower, anything to create a new, healthier habit.

6. Check Your Appetite – Are you truly hungry or are you depressed, anxious or tired instead? Make sure you’re experiencing physical huger before you eat.

7. Skip The Sports Drinks – Unless you’re an elite athlete, you don’t need sports drinks during and after exercise. Plain water is fine.

9. Don’t Drink Like A Fish – Alcohol calories add up quickly, there are about 150 calories in 6 oz of wine, 12oz. of beer or one shot of alcohol.

10. Make It A Cold One – Drinking ice cold water before a meal suppresses your appetite. It also raises your metabolic rate because your body must warm it after you drink it.

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BOSU Squat

Start Position

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This is a great exercise because the squat helps to strengthen all the major muscles of the lower body, and the BOSU is excellent for providing an unstable surface.

BOSU is short for “Both Sides Up”. This piece of equipment is designed to be used with either side up (or down, depending on how you want to look at it). The BOSU is essentially 1/2 of a stability ball with a solid, flat base.

For this exercise you want to place the BOSU upside down (the ball side down/and flat base up). You want to stand on the BOSU with your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes pointing straight forward.

Start Position – The easiest way to get on the BOSU is to place one foot on the base near the edge. If you look at the BOSU as a clock, place your foot in either the 3 or 9 o’clock position (depending on which foot you choose to place first). Slowly place all of your weight on that foot until the edge of the BOSU is touching the ground. Then carefully place your other foot on the opposite side of the BOSU. Slowly transfer your weight toward the foot you placed on the BOSU second, until you are standing with even weight on each foot.

NOTE: The BOSU can be extremely unstable until you learn how stand on it properly. The good news is the learning curve is steep, so you’ll figure it out quickly. If you have difficulty standing on the BOSU, don’t attempt to perform the squat. Instead the exercise for you is to simply stand on the BOSU until you establish balance, stability and confidence. Once you do then add the Squat.

As you lower yourself to the finish position there are several things you should focus on to perform a squat correctly. One your hips (butt) should begin the decent toward the ground by moving backwards. Imagine that there is a chair behind you. If you lower your hips straight down you will never find the chair with your butt. Second you should counter balance your hips moving backwards by leaning forward at the waist (if you don’t you’ll fall backwards). Third your knees should stay over your feet. It’s OK if they move forward a little but they should not move in front of your toes. And your chest should remain upright facing forward (not toward the ground).

You should inhale as you lower your body.

Finish Position – The goal at the finish position is to lower your body until your thighs are parallel with the ground.
As you stand up and return to the start position, you should exhale. Your knees, hips, and back should all return to the start position simultaneously.
Perform 2 sets of this exercise with a tempo of 1/1/1

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Workout of the month terms, cancellation and refund policy

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STAX Nutrition System – How Phase 3 Works

In previous Posts I’ve discussed how both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the STAX Nutrition System work. Now it’s time to explain Phase 3

You should remain in Phase 2 until you stop seeing or feeling changes in your body for a period of at least two weeks. At that point it is time to transition to Phase 3. In Phase 3 you will still begin your day (meal 1) with a portion of carbohydrate and protein. After that the rest of your meals for the day will consist of a protein and a fat. Remember that vegetables are optional and highly recommended at every meal. Don’t forget that you are allowed unlimited portion sizes of veggies. This is important during Phase 3 because eating extra veggies will help you to stay full.

During Phase 3 you’ll need to scale the intensity of your workouts back a little. You are reducing your carbohydrate intake and you may notice a drop in your overall energy levels, especially during workouts.

Stay in Phase 3 for as long and you continue to lose weight. Once you plateau in Phase 3 we’ve verified that your metabolism has slowed. This is due to the low calorie levels of Phase 3. At this point it is important to transition back to Phase 1. This will help to rev up your metabolism so you can continue to lose weight.

It takes a leap of faith to return back to Phase 1 because you are increasing calories. But it is an important step on your journey of losing weight. It is a step you must take.

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