Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition – Episode 2

Chris Powell’s done it once again – Another amazing transformation!

In this episode of Extreme Makeover; Weight Loss Edition, Chris Powell chose to work with Alex. Alex is 23. The sad part of this story is that Alex’s mom passed away when he was a senior in high school. When she was sick the made her promise that she’d be there for him the next day. Near the endof her life, instead of promising to be there for him, she asked Alex to “get healthy for her”.  It was obvious that Alex has struggled with the loss of his mother. And instead of honoring her wishes to focus on his health, he turned to food to deal with his emotions.

As someone who has yet to lose his mother, let alone losing a mother at such a young and pivotal age, it’s hard for me to relate to what Alex was experiencing. Even though I can’t relate I can understand. It’s not uncommon for people who are dealing with deep rooted emotional issues to turn to food and self-sabotage their health.

There is another reason why Alex became morbidly obese, his environment. His father was overweight (though not morbidly obese), his mother was overweight in the video footage from the show and both of his brothers (I think he had two), are overweight and well on their way to becoming morbidly obese. Alex is a baseball fanatic and apparently quite good, but he was so overweight in high school that we was unable to make the team.

So his environment, his behavior, his habits were already in place for him to become morbidly obese prior to the passing of his mother. That was just the trigger that sent his health spiraling downward.

In comes Chris Powell.

The show followed the same format as the premier episode. Chris and Alex went to LA for “Boot Camp” (one week of Chris educating Alex on what it will take to be successful). Then the weigh-in, Alex’s starting weight was 459 pounds.

Just like in the first episode Chris took Alex through a tough workout to see if he was “ready”. He was, if he wasn’t there wouldn’t have been a show…

The goal for the first 3 month phase of Alex’s journey was to lose 100 pounds. If he did, he’d win season tickets to the Atlanta Braves. I love this type of reward, it has nothing to do with rewarding yourself with food. Alex lost 97 pounds during the first 3 months. He came up short of his goal but both he and Chris were proud of his efforts and progress, and rightfully so!

During the first 3 months Chris lived with Alex and they set up a home gym. To help motivate and keep Alex on track they put up a large picture of Alex’s mom in the room. It was to remind Alex of his mom’s wish for him to focus on his health. While it makes for great TV, in principle I don’t agree with this type of motivation.

I believe that the motivation, and determination to improve one’s health must come from within. If you are doing it for someone else, you’ll reduce your chances of success. When you make yourself a priority and focus on improving your heath it will also improve the lives of everyone around you.

Instead of winning season tickets Chris and Alex went to a Braves game. They got to go into the clubhouse and meet a bunch of the Braves. You get to do some really cool crap when you get a TV show!

Alex’s goal for the second three month phase was to lose 60 pounds. Chris had some security cameras  set up in Alex’s house and monitored his program. The show made it seem like Alex was playing video games and procrastinating on doing his workouts. At the 6 month weigh-in Alex weighed 341 pounds. He only lost 21 pounds. So I guess he was not fully committed to his program.

It’s interesting to me to see that people struggle at times during their weight loss journey, even under the guidance of Chris Powell. The important thing to learn from this is that if you’re planning on losing weight you should understand that you’ll have some struggles along the way. When you do you’ll have two choices, give up and put weight back on or find the inner strength to battle through the struggles and reach your goals. CHOOSE THE LATER!

After the 6 month weigh-in Alex went to 24 hours of Army boot camp. Which I think was an advertisement for the Army. It was interesting to watch and they made it seem like he found something in himself during the 24 hours. His third phase goal was to lose 70 pounds.

Maybe the Army thing worked because he seemed to be fully engaged and dedicated during the third quarter of the program. At the nine month weight-in he weighed 264 pounds. Alex lost 77 pounds in three months. He also appeared to have found his self-confidence.

He went into skin removal surgury. Then he showed up at the reveal for his friends and family. His final weight was 243 pounds. He lost a total of 216 pounds in 1 years. The city dedicated a baseball field in his mom’s name and everyone cried!

Awesome work Alex that was an incredible transformation, both inside and out.

Now for the quotes of the episode;

“It’s a new day, a new person. It’s time to change for good.”

“I get the feeling that Alex has never believed in himself.”

“What are you waiting for? Get up and finish this fight!”

“You’re stronger than you think.”

“When you set a goal, you want to reach it.”

“He can be a winner. He can choose to be a success or he can shoos to be a failure, and whichever one he chooses that’s what he’s going to be.”

“Consistency is the key, that’s what it’s going to take.”

“One vision, one goal, get to it and fulfil your mission”

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See you next week…

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Premier

Last night ABC premiered a brand new show from the Extreme Makeover brand, Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition. I’ve been waiting for this show to air for a long time. Because the host and trainer of the show is Chris Powell. Chris is a friend of mine, so I’m definitely biased when I write about this show. I met Chris about 5 years ago when we both worked at Fitness Experience in Scottsdale, AZ. His energy, passion and enthusiasm is 100% genuine. The person that you see on TV is exactly the same person that you’d see over lunch. I love the guy and I’m so happy for him.

The other thing that is so awesome about Chris, that didn’t get mentioned in the show, is that while he helped David Smith lose over 400lbs he created an awesome nutrition System. It’s called STAX Nutrition System. It works and it’s the only nutrition plan that I recommend. I’m positive that the nutrition advise that he is giving to the people on Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition follows the principles of the STAX Nutrition System.

Those principles are; eat whole, natural food, eat the proper portions and eat in regular (5-7 times a day) intervals.

If you follow those principles and the STAX Nutrition System, you’ve discovered the secrets to permanent weight loss.

OK, now for the show.

Each episode of Extreme Make0ver Weight Loss Edition follows a single person. That person works with Chris to lose weight. Every person on the show is “super” obese, meaning they have well over 100lbs to lose.

In the first episode we met Rachael. Rachael’s starting weight was 369lbs. She was 220lbs. overweight. She’s a classic overachieverver (valedictorian, homecoming queen, tons of trophies and awards, etc.) yet she was never really able to be successful at losing weight. This is a fairly typical profile for an obese person. All of her successes were about seeking approval, getting other people to notice and acknowledge her abilities. She sought out this type of external attention because she never really liked herself or felt worthy of the good things in her life. You have to have confidence in who you are, like yourself and know that you are worth something, before you’ll ever begin to take care of yourself.

And that is what Chris had to teach Rachael.

Chris and Rachael went back to California for a week of boot camp. During this week he began to teach her all of the things that she’d need to know to be successful. He pushed her really hard during the workouts to test her and to find out if she was really committed. At one point when she began to give up, she found the strength and said something really important. “I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for me”!

When it comes to your health always remember that; you should be doing it for yourself. If you think your doing it for someone else, you may not succeed.

Then it was off to her house in Jenkinsberg, GA. where Chris had set up a home gym for Rachael. He then set a 3 month goal for her to reach. If she loses 80 pounds during the first 90 days, she’d win a trip to Greece. I was conflicted here! First of all I love the breaking down of long term goals into shorter more achievable goals. I also like the fact that the reward wasn’t unhealthy food. And I also thought the reward was a crazy cool gift to win.

Oh yeah, by the way Rachel lost exactly 80lbs. and won the trip to Greece.

But what I wasn’t so sure about was the fact that here’s a young lady who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and after three months she’s off to a foreign country? It’s difficult to maintain, let alone lose weight when you travel. But to go to another country, where you may not fully understand the culture and the temptations of food, seemed a little silly to me. That portion of the show also was the least entertaining part of the entire episode. I’m guessing that the Greek Travel Bureau paid for the exposure (it was an ad for Greece).

Anyway Chris set a goal of losing 55lbs during the next 90 days. She flew back to CA for the weigh in and she lost 50lbs. She came up a little short but overall she was happy because she had lost a total of 130lbs. in six months. I have to agree with her. She should be happy. I know that she came up a little short of her goal, but she is definitely moving in the right direction. If she had reached her goal she would have hiked Mt. Whitney with Chris. But she was experiencing severe plantar fasciitis, so that had been cancelled from the plans. So she really wasn’t out anything other than knowing that she came up short of her goal.

Instead she and Chris hiked up a short trail to “The Bridge to Nowhere” and she’d have a chance to bungee jump. At this point she may have had the quote of the show.

“I want to do it, because it scares me.”

Her goal for the third phase of the year was to lose and additional 50-60lbs. This is where the show let me down a little. The reason that she needed to lose the weight was so she could be a candidate for skin removal surgery. When someone loses an extreme amount of weight it is almost always necessary to have the extra skin removed surgically at the end of the journey. But I don’t think getting into surgery should become a goal itself.

During months 6-9 Rachael was on her own. She flew into California again for her weigh-in. She only lost 3 pounds. She said that she gave it everything that she had during the workouts. But she ate extra food at the end of the day after she ate planned meals. You can always mess up great workouts with poor nutrition. If you goal is to lose weight (fat) then you will have to be dedicated to your eating plan.

Turns out she still had the surgery, which I think was premature. But at the reveal she did look great and she lost a total of 161pounds in one year.

Chris Powell in incredible when it comes to helping obese people lose weight.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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Diabetes And The STAX Nutrition System

We’ve had numerous questions asking if STAX System is a safe program for Diabetics. Dr. Larry Franks says, “The simple answer is yes.” The first thing to explain is that there are two types of Diabetes, Type I (Juvenile or insulin dependent) and Type II (Adult onset). In either case you should consult with your doctor, let him/her know that you are interested in losing weight and plan on following the STAX Nutrition System. Until a medical breakthrough and a cure for Type I diabetes is found, Type I diabetics will always need to be under medical care and be dependent on insulin. That being said, we feel that everyone, including Type I diabetics will benefit from eating healthy food, eating proper portions and losing excess fat.

As for Type II diabetics; the situation will vary considerably through the weight loss process on an individual basis.  Therefore you should work closely with your doctor on this journey to permanent weight loss. While everyone diagnosed should be under the medical care of a doctor, not all Type II diabetics take prescription medicine for treatment. For those who are on prescription medicines it is common for those prescription dosages to be changed as you lose weight. Because of this, regular appointments with your doctor are a must.

The STAX Nutrition System utilizes food choices, portion sizes and meal frequency to regulate blood sugar and the hormones insulin and cortisol so that the body is in an optimal state to utilize fat as energy.  The bodies’ inability to properly regulate blood sugar and insulin is essentially the disease of diabetes.  So again please work closely with your doctor through this weight loss process.

There is a strong connection with obesity and Type II diabetes. Once desired weight is achieved it is possible that your diabetes can be completely controlled. We believe that STAX  Nutrition System is the best way to achieve optimal health through proper nutrition, diabetic or not.


Stax Nutrition System and Portion Sizes

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the amount of food that is recommended for the STAX Nutrition System. We know it is counterintuitive to eat a large amount of food and still trust that you will lose weight. We ask that you trust the program.

Eating small portions of food therefore too few calories, will cause your metabolism to slow down. The STAX Nutrition System is designed to reprogram your body and to boost your metabolism. The portions on the side of the STAX containers were developed to meet the physiological needs of people at a very specific weight. So yes, fill the containers to your current weight.

It is common during the first week to feel stuffed. It may be difficult to eat the entire recommended portions. But you must eat it all. Within 5-7 days you’ll notice that you be getting hungry every three hours. By the end of week two you will be starving every three hours. This is the best indicator that your metabolism is increasing. You’ll begin to lose weight at a very steady and rapid rate.

You may also notice that you are hot, especially at night during sleep. This is also a great indicator that you’re ramping up your metabolism.

So please trust the program and follow it. We promise it works. Enjoy the weight loss!

How To Fill The STAX Containers

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the proper way to fill the STAX containers. Here are the answers. For the protein and carbohydrate containers fill them to your current weight with cooked food. If you are considerably over 300lbs., fill the container to the top. So cook your rice or oatmeal etc. first, then fill the container. The same is true for the protein containers. If you are filling them with meat or hard boiled eggs, simply dice or chop the food first before filling the container.

For the fat containers fill them half way with liquid fats and all the way with solid fats (nuts, cheese, and avocado). Vegetable are optional yet recommended at every meal. You are allowed unlimited vegetable on the STAX Nutrition System. So fill the containers up all the way and enjoy. We love your questions and hope this helped. If you have any other questions the best way to ask is on our FaceBook Page. That is the quickest and easiest way for you to get a quick response.


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