Stax Nutrition System and Portion Sizes

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the amount of food that is recommended for the STAX Nutrition System. We know it is counterintuitive to eat a large amount of food and still trust that you will lose weight. We ask that you trust the program.

Eating small portions of food therefore too few calories, will cause your metabolism to slow down. The STAX Nutrition System is designed to reprogram your body and to boost your metabolism. The portions on the side of the STAX containers were developed to meet the physiological needs of people at a very specific weight. So yes, fill the containers to your current weight.

It is common during the first week to feel stuffed. It may be difficult to eat the entire recommended portions. But you must eat it all. Within 5-7 days you’ll notice that you be getting hungry every three hours. By the end of week two you will be starving every three hours. This is the best indicator that your metabolism is increasing. You’ll begin to lose weight at a very steady and rapid rate.

You may also notice that you are hot, especially at night during sleep. This is also a great indicator that you’re ramping up your metabolism.

So please trust the program and follow it. We promise it works. Enjoy the weight loss!


  1. Sylvie Garcia says:

    Since the Stax is out of stock I was wondering if you could tell me the measurements of the containers. I would like to buy the system but I am stuck trying to make my own with a cooler and some store bought containers but I can’t seem to buy the right size container. Could you tell me the size of the Stax containers?

  2. Vicky,

    Unfortunately I’m not able to give you an estimate on when STAX will be available again. Chris in the process of improving the program. He’s dealing with patents, manufacturer etc. I’m also anxiously awaiting the availability of the new STAX. I believe very strongly in the program. I know it will help you, as it has already helped many people. The only thing that I know which is similar is Six Pack Fitness. It is a convenient way to keep your food with you. But it is more expensive and as far as I know it doesn’t include a food plan. It seems to have been developed more for the advanced body builder, fitness competitors who already have their food plans down. They just need a easy way to keep their food with them.

    Sign up for my eBook “31 Days To Ultimate Health”, it’s free and a lot of the advice in it is in line with the STAX principles. That way we can stay in touch and I can let you know when STAX becomes available again.
    Here’s the link


  3. I’ve been searching for the stax system as well! For 2 days now and I just read that they’re unavailable…;( I’m in need to try the system. I’m wanting to lose weight in order to start a family. I workout but need to really see change and I know the eating preparation is needed. Please let me know of the product or a similar one, even the measurements in order to start soon. Thanks

    Vicky 😉

  4. Hi Krista,

    The STAX inventory has been out for about six months. Unfortunately I also think that they are going to be unavailable for a while. Which I’m not happy about either. I know that the STAX System will help you. Chris is redesigning STAX and changing patents, manufacturers etc. That whole process has taken longer that he had anticipated. I’m anxiously waiting for them as well because I sell them here on this site. I also provide tons of customer support on how to use the STAX. Sign up for my eBook “31 Days To Ultimate Health” a lot of the nutrition tips are based on the STAX program principles. I work on this site part time, so I won’t send you a lot of emails. But that way I can get in touch with you when I have STAX available.


  5. I want to try the stax system, but it is my luck they are out of stock.. And have been for three weeks now.. Not happy.. I want to try the stax so bad.. bc I know it will help.. dose anyone know were eles I can get the stax?? it would be nice to have it!!


  6. Hi Lauren,

    The last I’ve heard is that there are no more STAX available. I’m been staying in touch with Chris and STAX. They are working on making an updated version. There is not time table on the availability of the new STAX that I’m aware of. Stay tuned, I’m waiting for them as well. And they’ll be available on my site when they are ready. Thanks,


  7. Is there any way to still order the STAX system? Every website I visit seems to be down. If you could email me the response, that would be best. Thanks!

  8. Brittney says:

    How big is the stax? and does the container keep the food cool? I am debating purchasing it.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    That is a great question. Yes you should be fine following STAX while nursing. Everything on the program is whole and natural food. I’d recommend checking with your doctor to be sure. But STAX is not a severe calorie restricted diet.

  10. I know this is a few weeks old thread but I’m curious do you have any idea if a breastfeeding mother can use the STAX system????

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  12. thanks!

  13. Hi Alex,

    Yes the STAX System comes with a 52 page manual. The manual explains how the program works. It guides you to eat only STAX approved foods, how to grocery shop and prepare food (no recipes though) Plus it will teach you how and when to combine carbohydrates, protein and fats so you can lose the weight that you want.

    I hope that helps. We don’t charge shipping and we have a money back guarantee if you’re unstatisfied with the program. Heres the link

  14. STAX Question: I’m considering buying the system, but I’d like to know if the purchase includes any guide (or booklet etc…) that lets the buyer know what sorts of (and combinations of) carbohydrates, proteins, veggies, and fats would work best with on-the-go food preparation for multiple small meals daily.

  15. Being full is exactly how you should be feeling. The first phase of the STAX program is designed to boost your metabolism. You have to eat the 5-7 meals and the proper portions. Your body will adapt in about a week. When it does you’ll start to become hungry every couple of hours. Being hungry every couple of hours means that your metabolism is ramping up. Stick with it, the weight loss will follow.

    You’re going to have to leave the computer to get your workouts in. I know that can be a tough habit change, but it is something that you will want to do. Once you start to improve your fitness you’ll become more effiecient and you’ll actually get more work done in less time. Allowing you to get your workouts in.

    I reccomend my Workout of the Month program. You get a completely new workout every month, so you won’t be bored. Plus it’s really inexpensive. Here’s the link.

  16. I got my STAX last week and finally took the plunge and started today. Oh my…I am so full, I usually eat half of what I did today – which probably explains why I can’t loose weight these days.

    John, Can you recommend an exercise routine for someone who works in front of a computer day and night (this is work work, not playing computer games/internet surfing). I have an exercise bike, and try and get at least 35 – 45 minutes a day.

  17. Jerri,

    If you’ve gone on countless diet then it’s certainty that your metabolism has slowed down. The great thing about STAX is that there is a plan to maintain your weight once you reach your goal. You’ll avoid returning to your previous eating habits and sabotaging your results and your metabolism.

  18. Thanks for the quick response, John. I’ve subjected my body to countless diets and programs so it’s not a surprise that my metabolism is confused. I’ll give the STAX System a chance to help me. Thanks again.

  19. Absolutely. The STAX System is designed to help you get all the way to your goal weight. If you’ve lost some weight and you can’t seem to lose that last 30 pounds, then your metabolism has probably slowed down. The fist phase of the STAX program will reset/boost your metabolism so you can break through that plateau.

    Here the link

  20. Is STAX an option for someone like myself,who can’t seem to lose the final 30 pounds to reach my ideal weight?

  21. As long as you stick to the program it will work. You can lose every bit of that 175 lbs. Chris is using the same nutrition principles to help the people on Extreme Makeover lose weight.

  22. phyllis rigney says:

    i need to lose 175 lbs. will the stax by chris powell help me to lose that weight

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