Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from The Biggest Loser – Season 13 Week #6

Here are the Top Inspirational and Motivational Quotes from this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser

Last week I had to rant just a little. My second rant was that the cast this season is boring. Well, they still are. They aren’t good for very many quotes. Hopefully things will get better as the season progresses.

Now for the quotes

“This distain that she feels for herself is what the real culprit is.”

“Her weight has been holding her back from her life.”

This weight is holding you back for all of your dreams.”

“You can do anything that you put your mind to. But you have to put your mind to it.”

“I fell like I’m honestly rediscovering my life.

Four of those five quotes are from the trainers not the contestants. Let’s hope the cast starts to appreciate this opportunity that they’ve been given!

See you next week.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes from The Biggest Loser – Season 13 Week #5

Here are the Top Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from NBC’s The Biggest Loser – Season 13 Episode #5

OK, time for two little rants.

First of all during this episode, Bob Harper took the contestants through a workout called Fran. Fran is a Cross-fit workout. I don’t like Cross-fit and here are my reasons. The Cross-fit exercises when performed properly are all perfectly fine exercises. The problem with Cross-fit is that rarely are the exercises done properly. The emphasis is on completing the exercises as fast a possible or completing as many reps as possible in a pre-determined amount of time.

That approach promotes poor technique. And poor technique with maximal effort is a recipe for injury. Cross fit workouts are very difficult and they require maximal effort. So technique will falter. I know that Cross-fit coaches will disagree with me, but I don’t care. They are wrong!

There is decades of research from credentialed, and respected educational institutions from around the world that offer scientific proof on how to exercise properly. There have been thousands, probably tens of thousands, of peer reviewed, double blind studies done that follow accepted research methodologies that offer proof on how to develop structured exercise protocols. We already know how many sets and reps to do, how much weight to lift, how long to rest between sets and at what speed to move durnig exercises to reach any fitness goal.

Cross-fit doesn’t follow any of this science. I don’t recommend it for anyone.

On a slightly different note. Bob Harper has been giving Dolvett a hard time about stealing workouts from him all season. Here’s the deal, you can get the Fran workout from Cross-fit online. He’s being hypocritical. He didn’t come up with Fran. Anybody can simply google it. The “great” American trainer didn’t even come up with his own workout. He got it from the web!

OK, rant #2

You’ll notice that the quotes from this weeks episode are scarce. That’s because there were very few good quotes. The cast this season is boring. None of them are very interesting. None of them really seem to be buying into the program. All of them seem really superficial, selfish and trivial.

Now maybe it will get better as they begin to experience what it feels like to really make positive changes in their lives. I hope so, because so far this is the worst cast in the history of the show.

Here are this weeks quotes

“I’ve never reached my goals.”

“I’m here to do things that have never been done before.”

“Let’s do some good stuff.”

“Lets’ do it.”

“I’ve learned to really enjoy whit it is that I’m doing.”

See you next week!


Biggest Loser Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

Here are the top Inspirational and Motivational Quotes from The Biggest Loser – Season 13 Week #4

“I’ve been invisible for my whole life, and here there’s no place to hide.”

“Where you are right now is all good.”

“I need you to be all in.”

“I won’t give up on myself.”

“The second you commit to this, then the attitude changes.”

“Why am I here? Why do I really want to do this?”

“I can’t help someone who doesn’t really want to help themselves.”

“This isn’t for everybody, this is for your body. But more important than that, this is for your life.”

“I am doing things that I never thought imaginable.”

See you next week!

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from The Biggest Loser Season 13 Week 3

Here are the best motivational and inspirational quotes from The Biggest Loser Season 13 – Week 3

“Be the best version of you today.”

“Why can’t you do anything you put your mind to?”

“All this time you’ve been telling yourself no, when you should have been telling yourself yes.”

“The biggest competition is the person in the mirror. Can you beat your old you?”

“This is what hard work and dedication get you.”

See you next week


Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from The Biggest Loser – Season 13 Week 2

Here are the best motivational and inspirational quotes from The Biggest Loser Season 13 – Week 2

“You got this way in the kitchen, and you’ll get better in the kitchen.”

“Get out of your head; focus on yourself and nothing is impossible.”

“In order to fix my body I need to fix my mind.”

There weren’t a lot of great quotes during this weeks episode. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it’s only the second week and the contestants have yet to truly understand the impact of the changes they are making. I’m anticipated this will change as the season progresses. Stay tuned.

See you next week


The Biggest Loser Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

Here are the best motivational and inspirational quotes from The Biggest Loser Season 13 Premiere

“I want to change my life.”

“I’m tired of not being the person I know I can be.”

“What are you capable of?”

“Don’t you think it’s time for you to start taking care of yourself?”

“You’re scared, but you’re on the right path.”

“I need to take some time to take care of me.”

“Every excuse that I’ve ever given myself is gone.”

“I will not let excuses dictate my health.”

“I’m heading toward the happily ever after that I always wanted.”

See you next week


Biggest Loser Motivational and Inspirational Quotes – Marathon Episode

My first impression of The Biggest Loser having a Marathon, was that it is a ridiculously stupid idea.


The contestants on the show are all morbidly obese, they each have 50-200+ pounds to lose. They’ve been losing weight and exercising for about 12 weeks and now they are going to run a Marathon? It seems risky to their health and unsafe. But I have to admit, I changed my mind.

Bonnie who is 63 and due to have knee replacement surgery did not attempt the Marathon, which was a good choice.


Also they had a Doctor present and he pulled two other people from the Marathon to avoid any possible long term injury. Yet again another great choice.


So 12 of the 15 people finished a Marathon. All still with considerable weight to lose and with only 12 weeks of training to prepare. Their nutrition and exercise programs during that 12 weeks were weight loss specific and not Marathon specific. Yet they still did it.


What I took away from this show was that we are all capable of doing way more than we think we can. We place limits and restrictions on what we think we can accomplish, without any proof or evidence to support those limitations. Myself included.

Lesson Learned.

Here are the inspirational and motivational quotes from the Marathon episode of The Biggest Loser

“I’m coming home a brand new person. I feel so much better about myself, I’m stronger.”

“I’ve changed inside and out, so much.”

“I now believe in myself. Before I didn’t”

“I now have strength energy and desire.”

“Be a better version of yourself.”

“I’m dedicated to finish what I start.”

“I want to feel good and be healthy the rest of my days on this earth.”

“There’s no crazy gimmick, there’s no secret to it. It’s just hard work an exercise.”

“It’s just letting go of a lot of junk. It feels good to not have to carry all that extra baggage.”

“I can’t come in here and plan to change years of pain and anguish and hiding. But I can plant the seed and start breaking down all of the walls that we’ve build up over these years.”

“I’m gaining years back with every pound that I lose.”

“Anything worth getting, is worth fighting for.”

“We all have it in us, all we have to do is dig it out.”

“I’m happy and I’m healthy and I feel good.”

“A complete transformation of my mind. It’s awesome and a really good feeling.”

“Look at what I’ve done, the impossible….what a dream.”

The Marathon episode had a ton of great quotes.


Enjoy, see you next week for the finale.

Motivational And Inspirational Quotes from The Biggest Loser Season 12 – Week #11

Here are the best quotes from week #11 of The Biggest Loser

“I’m pushing with everything I’ve got. I want this so bad.”

“Be free of the burden that the weight causes you.”

“You’ve got to get up tomorrow morning and do it all over again.”

“This is the first step to the rest of my life.”

“I feel so good about myself.”

“My life had gotten away from me and I’ve gotten it back. It’s my life now and it feels great!”

See you next week

Biggest Loser Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from the Thanksgiving Celebration

The night before Thanksgiving The Biggest Loser had a reunion celebration episode.

They invited back competitors from previous seasons to see how they were doing. The people that they invited back still looked great and they are all doing amazing things. It was a great show. Here are the best quotes for that episode;

“Tomorrow is gone, but today is here, you can do this.”

“Why can’t I have it all? Why can’t everyone have it all?”

“I have done this to myself, no more blaming someone else. No more excuses.”

“Everyone deserves the same happiness that I’ve found on the (Biggest Loser) ranch.”

“I’m trying to lead by example.”

“I know how it feels when you think that you don’t have anymore…you dig down deep and you realize that you do. That faith is unwavering.”

“I finally have a life.”

“Nothing is impossible.”

“I finally unlocked something inside myself.”

“No obstacle is too big or to small.”

“You know what? Why can’t I? Why not?”

“The next chapter of my life is yet to be seen, but whatever it is I’m ready to fly again.”

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Biggest Loser – Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Season 12 week #10

Before I get to the Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from this week I want to go over an important Holiday weight gain issue. This was the Thanksgiving episode. They started the show with Thanksgiving temptation. But more importantly they dropped an interesting fact.

According the The Biggest Loser, the average American consumes about 4500 calories during Thanksgiving. This is an important fact. Because so many people worry about weight gain during the Holidays or try to make a Holiday meal healthier. I say that that is a waste of time. Here’s  why….

Yes the average American may consume 4500 calories. But if you’re an average American you’ll need about 2000 calories that day. So it is only 2500 extra calories. That means you’d only gain about .7 pounds on Thanksgiving. You shouldn’t be concerned with a .7 pound weight gain on Thanksgiving. You should enjoy yourself and your friends, family and food. What you should be concerned about, and what should keep you awake at night is the extra 100 calories that you consume the 350 non-holiday days each year that lead to 10 pounds of weight gain a year.

If you eat clean everyday and exercise more days than not year round, then you won’t have anything to worry about on the Holidays. How much more fun and enjoyable will they be if that is your reality?

Let’s look at this another way. Let’s say that you consume an extra 2500 on each of the Holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. That is 10,000 extra calories. That means you’d gain about 2.8 pounds. You seriously aren’t trying to make Thanksgiving a healthy meal because your worried about gaining only 2.8 pounds are you? If so here is the solution. You need a combination of reduced calorie intake (eating) or increased calorie expenditure (moving) of about 166 calories per day to lose 2.8 pounds during the two months between Halloween and New Years Day.

If you do that, then you can pig out during the four holidays and not gain a pound.

So how do you get to a total of 166 calories?

10 minutes of exercise (jogging at 12 minutes/mile, circuit training, aerobics), for a 180 pound person will burn about 100 calories. One chocolate chip cookie is about 72 calories. Grand total 172 calories. There you go. Exercise 10 minutes/day (or add 10 minutes to your workout) and skip one cookie per day. That way you can enjoy your holidays and not gain any weight.

Now if you just go nuts and have Halloween candy around for a month, eat Thanksgiving left overs for a week, eat every bit of candy and cookies that people bring in to work or give you as gifts, then you’re going to gain a ton of weight (10-20+ pounds). If you’re going to do that then just disregard everything I’ve written above.

Gain the weight and look me up in January. I’ll help you to lose the weight then!!!

Now for the Inspirational and Motivational quotes from this weeks episode of The Biggest Loser

“You have a lot to fight for.”

“If you can’t celebrate it then you don’t think you’ve achieved anything. It make it that much easier to go back.”

“Just keep moving, don’t stop.”

“Yeah, I’m hurting, but I’m not dead.”

“Finish what you start.”

“Hold your head up high.”

“I have so much to live for now.”

“I was lying to myself, there’s no more lying.”

“This is the life, right here!”

See you next week

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