Biggest Loser Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from the Thanksgiving Celebration

The night before Thanksgiving The Biggest Loser had a reunion celebration episode.

They invited back competitors from previous seasons to see how they were doing. The people that they invited back still looked great and they are all doing amazing things. It was a great show. Here are the best quotes for that episode;

“Tomorrow is gone, but today is here, you can do this.”

“Why can’t I have it all? Why can’t everyone have it all?”

“I have done this to myself, no more blaming someone else. No more excuses.”

“Everyone deserves the same happiness that I’ve found on the (Biggest Loser) ranch.”

“I’m trying to lead by example.”

“I know how it feels when you think that you don’t have anymore…you dig down deep and you realize that you do. That faith is unwavering.”

“I finally have a life.”

“Nothing is impossible.”

“I finally unlocked something inside myself.”

“No obstacle is too big or to small.”

“You know what? Why can’t I? Why not?”

“The next chapter of my life is yet to be seen, but whatever it is I’m ready to fly again.”

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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