Biggest Loser Motivational and Inspirational Quotes – Marathon Episode

My first impression of The Biggest Loser having a Marathon, was that it is a ridiculously stupid idea.


The contestants on the show are all morbidly obese, they each have 50-200+ pounds to lose. They’ve been losing weight and exercising for about 12 weeks and now they are going to run a Marathon? It seems risky to their health and unsafe. But I have to admit, I changed my mind.

Bonnie who is 63 and due to have knee replacement surgery did not attempt the Marathon, which was a good choice.


Also they had a Doctor present and he pulled two other people from the Marathon to avoid any possible long term injury. Yet again another great choice.


So 12 of the 15 people finished a Marathon. All still with considerable weight to lose and with only 12 weeks of training to prepare. Their nutrition and exercise programs during that 12 weeks were weight loss specific and not Marathon specific. Yet they still did it.


What I took away from this show was that we are all capable of doing way more than we think we can. We place limits and restrictions on what we think we can accomplish, without any proof or evidence to support those limitations. Myself included.

Lesson Learned.

Here are the inspirational and motivational quotes from the Marathon episode of The Biggest Loser

“I’m coming home a brand new person. I feel so much better about myself, I’m stronger.”

“I’ve changed inside and out, so much.”

“I now believe in myself. Before I didn’t”

“I now have strength energy and desire.”

“Be a better version of yourself.”

“I’m dedicated to finish what I start.”

“I want to feel good and be healthy the rest of my days on this earth.”

“There’s no crazy gimmick, there’s no secret to it. It’s just hard work an exercise.”

“It’s just letting go of a lot of junk. It feels good to not have to carry all that extra baggage.”

“I can’t come in here and plan to change years of pain and anguish and hiding. But I can plant the seed and start breaking down all of the walls that we’ve build up over these years.”

“I’m gaining years back with every pound that I lose.”

“Anything worth getting, is worth fighting for.”

“We all have it in us, all we have to do is dig it out.”

“I’m happy and I’m healthy and I feel good.”

“A complete transformation of my mind. It’s awesome and a really good feeling.”

“Look at what I’ve done, the impossible….what a dream.”

The Marathon episode had a ton of great quotes.


Enjoy, see you next week for the finale.

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