Biggest Loser 2011 Week 13

I have to say that at first this episode seemed like a real let down.

That’s probably because last weeks show was so good. But as I continue to think about it, there are some really good lessons that can be learned from this weeks show.

To start off Kaylee wanted to speak with the group. She felt bad because she decided that she was ready to go home last week. She sabotaged her results so her team would lose the weigh-in and everyone would vote to send her home. Except the red team lost and Justin was voted off.

She said that she was sorry, and that she had learned her lesson.  She claims that she learned from experience that if you don’t put your best effort into something, you might not get the results that you want. (Lesson #1 from the show).

Although I agree with her big time, it really didn’t effect the show. If she had worked hard and lost weight, the red team would have lost by a larger margin and Justin still would have been voted off of the show.

Kaylee also learned that you have to complete your journey (Lesson #2 from the show).

Then everyone met Allison in the gym. She showed them a video from the day they were selected. It was very emotional, there was a lot of crying. I have to admit it is pretty amazing to see how much everyone had changed in just 12 weeks! Incredible!!!

So Allison mentioned that the show started with 11 teams. She asked them if anyone ever wondered what happened to the 12th team. Then she surprised everyone by bringing the 12 team (the last team to not be selected for the show) back. It was an interesting twist.

Everyone had the same reaction that I did. That this might be a little unfair. They were much bigger and would have an advantage losing weight for the next few weeks. But there was another twist. The 12th team, Vance and Leanne, were told on selection day that they were the 12th team. They were also told that they’d have an opportunity to get back on the show. Now for the twist…

They’ve been losing weight on thier own for the past twelve weeks. If they had lost more than the contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss, they’d be on the show. Kaylee had lost the lowest so far; 25.23%

Vance weighed 379lbs. To get on the show he needed to lose 95lbs. He lost 30 and didn’t make the show. Leanne, Vance’s mom, weighed 315lbs. and would need to lose 79lbs. to get on to the show. She lost 45lbs., and also would not be on the show.

All of the contestants, were very supportive, and gracious. It was nice to see. Here’s the thing, both Vance and Leanne were happy that they had begun their journeys, but they both acknowledged how difficult it was to do on their own. They both spoke of how much temptation there is and how difficult it can be to change habits.

As exciting, motivational, and inspiring as it is to watch the contestants on The Biggest Loser lose weight as rapidly as they do; it is far more realistic to lose weight at the pace that Vance and Leanne have (Lesson #3 from the show)

Now be honest with yourself. If you were to lose 45lbs. in the next 12 weeks, wouldn’t you be Ecstatic!!!

Next up was a “Pop” challenge. For this challenge each team had to work with a partner to balance small balls on a board. Carry the board across a field without dropping the balls. Then let the balls fall through a hole in the middle, into a basket. The first team to get 10 balls into their basket would win. The last team would lose. The two teams in the middle really got nothing…

The winning team (the green team), won a 1 minute advantage in the next challenge. That’s a pretty good prize.

The losing team (the red team), would have to spend a week off of the ranch. OK that doesn’t sound good. That’s a HUGE disadvantage!

Here’s the deal with the red team. They got a $1000 budget for the week. They could select things like groceries, biggest loser food, a chef, a trainer, gym membership, massages, phone calls to family, meals at restaurants.

They Chose

Groceries $300

Gym/X@ $300

Phone Calls $200

Massages $100

Restaurant $50

$50 left over…


They didn’t chose to work with a trainer. Brett was shocked, but he handled it well. He spent some time writing out their workouts for the week, then they were on their way.

Losing a challenge should be a punishment. Instead they sent Jen and Courtney off to an absolutely beautiful house in Ojai Ca. They had food, a gym membership, restaurant meal. They were loving it.

Now for the challenge (which they brought the red team back for). The Biggest Loser crew put 5000 colored eggs on a hilly field. Each team had to find 600 eggs that match their team color and fill up the egg crates that also match their team color. There was also a golden egg that had a prize in it for the person who found it. Remember the green team had a 1 minute advantage.

And for the prizes?

The first team to finish would win tickets to the world premier to the movie Hop.

All of the teams that finish would get to go to a special advances screening of Hop.


The whole challenge was just a big promotion for a movie. I can’t believe that they got any of these adults to even care about this challenge. None of it had anything to do with the outcome of the show, except for the golden egg. Just find the golden egg and forget the stupid challenge.

Turns out Olivia found the golden egg, and who really cares who won the challenge?

So what was the prize? Turns out it might not actually be a prize at all. As long as Olivia’s team (the blue team) didn’t lose the challenge, Olivia would have the only vote to eliminate a person from the show. Yes, she was a little disappointed, but it was a good twist.

Now for the weigh in

The blue team lost 14 lbs.

Then the green team lost 18lbs. So Olivia still didn’t have the only vote.

Then the black team lost only 11lbs. Everyone on the green and blue team were now safe and Olivia would be voting someone off. Here sister Hannah is on the black team. Therefore Olivia would either vote for Rulon or Jay. In a masterful display of gamesmanship Hannah, who knew her sister wouldn’t vote for her, sabotaged her results and lost zero pounds. This will really set her up to have a big weight loss week next week and ensure another week on the show.

The only way that Olivia wouldn’t vote for either Rulon or Jay would be if the red team lost the weigh-in. Remember there are only two people on the red team, if they lose the weigh-in the person who loses least amount of weight would be eliminated without a vote. The red team, if you recall is the team that spent the week off of the ranch, getting massages, going to restaurants and calling home. They needed to lose a total of 6 pounds.

Courtney when first and lost 2 pounds. As long a Jen loses 4 or more pounds, then Olivia will get to vote.

Jen lost Zero pounds. And She is Eliminated.

When giving the choice to “pay” for proper training, food etc. Jen was tempted by restaurants, massages and phone calls (Courtney wanted to hire the trainer, but Jen talked her out of it). The choices that you make will impact your results every time (Lesson #4 from the show).

Jen deserved to be eliminated. She made the wrong choices!

Now for the quotes of the week.

“My shape, shapes my life”

“All that is important, is that I’ve started this journey”

“You started out on this journey….finish it”

“You need to realize that there are temptations around every single corner”

“I can conquer anything in this life”

“Nothing in my life is holding me back”

“The possibilities for me are endless”


See you next week…

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