Healthy Eating Focus 2012 Week #7

Welcome to week seven of my ten week Healthy Eating Series, to Kick off 2012!

To date, you have learned the importance of slowing down your eating, eating in a relaxed setting and meal cadence. You’ve also learned how all three of those things will boost your metabolism.

Just to recap your first six focuses, they are:

1. Slow down when you eat.

2. Create a relaxed environment while you eat

3. Create an eating rhythm with your eating times, (meal cadence)

4. Feel pleasure as opposed to stress with your food choices

5. Eating for nourishment

6. Awareness at Meals

Here is your eating focus for the week.  Work on this every time you eat, and you’ll start to create new habits. Enjoy!

Focus #7 – Quality of Food

It is important to make sure you are eating high quality food!  By quality food I mean food that is nutrient dense.  This nutrient dense food helps to regulate your appetite and prevents overeating.  Food dense in nutrients includes fresh food with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Nutrient dense foods signal the brain that we’ve received our nutritional requirements sooner than non-nutrient dense food. Therefore we are satisfied before we start to over eat.  These nutrient dense foods naturally regulate our appetites, because our bodies are inherently accustomed to eating them.

Eating foods that are processed or not fresh leads to:

  • Decreased nutrient density of food

  • Decreased nutrition for the body

  • Increased food cravings

  • Increased appetite

It is very difficult to address your weight, nutrition, fitness and health concerns when the quality of food that you eat is poor.  You are working against yourself by leaving your body feeling unsatisfied.

So this week focus on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean cuts of meat (fish and poultry)!

Please feel free to pass this valuable information to your friends, family, and co-workers!

In Good Health,

John Preston

Your Fitness Tutor

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P.S. The information in this email is from Marc David’s “Food Psychology Coaching” Program. It was written by Certified Food Psychology Coach, Lisa Olona, and shared with her permission. If you like the information and are interested in learning more you can contact Lisa at

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