Healthy Eating Focus 2012 Week #10

Welcome to week ten of my ten week Healthy Eating Series, to Kick off 2012!

Before getting into Focus #10 I’d like to recap your first nine focuses they are:

Focus #1 – Slow down when you eat

Focus #2 – Create a relaxed environment while you eat

Focus #3 – Creat an eating rhythm with you eating time, (meal cadence)Focus #4 – Feel leasure as opposed to stress with your food choices

Focus #5 – Eating for nourishment

Focus #6 – Toxic beliefs about diet

Focus #7 – Quality of food

Focus #8 – Macronutrient Balance

Focus #9 – Awareness at meals

Now, to our final focus – Caffeine and Sugar Use 

Caffeine and sugar are neither good nor bad.  They are powerful substances.  The question is, are we using them wisely or are we abusing them.

Caffeine and sugar are abused when: It consistently becomes substitute energy. It’s used as substitute food. We consume too much.

Ask yourself if these two substances control you, or you control them.  Getting more than 3 servings of caffeine per day may be pushing that limit.

According to Marc David, “caffeine abuse leads to an experience of “false metabolism” – that is, central nervous system stimulation masquerading as true energy.  True energy would be eat food, digest it, convert it to energy at the cellular level, then use that energy.”

Increased caffeine use can lead to: Mood swings Energy/fatigue issues Sleep issues Adrenal burnout Inability to lose weight

In the weeks to come, focus on the deeper issues behind too much caffeine and sugar.  Can you find your true and natural enery?  Can you trust your energy level and let go of pushing it?  Just as importantly, can you value rest when you need it, and not try to push through the body’s need to relax and be tired?


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