Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition – Episode 3

I liked this episode the best so far!

That’s because this week’s show was more about what was happening on the inside. Until you address what is going on inside of you, you will struggle with what is happening to your body. The physical condition of your body is just a side effect of what is going on inside. Get your mind right and the body will follow.

This week we were introduced to Dana, a single 44 year old gospel singer. Oh yeah, the other thing that was good about this show was that Dana had a more interesting and dynamic personality than the people on the first two shows.

The show followed the same format so I won’t get into too many details. Dana’s starting weight was 498lbs. The first phase (three month goal) was to lose 110lbs. OK, that’s a lot of weight to lose in three months!

But remember Chris Powell lives with these people during the first phase. So that’s usually when they lose the most weight. Chris seemed very aware that Dana was not letting go of the real reasons for his weight gain. He knew that Dana didn’t like himself. Chris kept trying to get to the root cause of Dana’s weight. Chris is smart, he knows that Dana won’t have a breakthrough until he addresses the true reasons that he gained weight in the first place.

While Chris was living with Dana, he found some junk food in the refrigerator. He called Dana out and challenged him for the reasons that he was continuing to sabotage himself. This led to a search of Dana’s car and the trash (this felt a little like scripted tv). But eventually Chris got to the truth. Dana had been sexually abused as a child.

I will say this. I saw this coming from very early on in the show. I knew it was coming at the initial weigh in when Chris said to Dana, “I’m looking at someone who doesn’t like himself” (ok that a paraphrase more than a quote). It is not uncommon for people who’ve been sexually abused as a child to use food and the obesity that results from it to protect themselves from more abuse. I know both Chris and David Smith (Chris’ first amazing transformation), and David had a similar experience (he spoke of it on TV so I’m not revealing anything).

But it’s important to note that sexual abuse is by no means the only reason that people are obese.

At the first weigh in Dana lost 111lbs. He met his goal and won a private vocal coach. Chris set his second phase goal to lose 70 pounds. But Dana struggled and only lost 29lbs.

For Dana to be a candidate of skin removal surgery Dana would have to lose 108lbs. during the third phase.  When he came back to LA to weigh-in he got to sing in a concert with his brother. I will say that all the weight loss, exercise and vocal training did make a huge difference. He was singing much better than he did at the beginning of the show. See how every aspect of your life improves when you lose weight?

At the third phase weigh in Dana lost 48lbs. He wouldn’t be a candidate for surgery.

After the weigh in it was obvious that Dana was still struggling with something and that was why he wasn’t reaching his weight loss goals. He pulled Chris outside and told Chris that he was gay. Chris congratulated him and thanked him for his honesty. He knew that was the breakthrough that was necessary for Dana to continue his successful weight loss journey.

Commentary – Isn’t it a shame that we live in a world/country that someone can be so ashamed of who they are that they eat enough food to weigh 498lbs.? Come on people, really, let’s treat everyone better than that.

Ok, back to the show. I will say that Dana’s enthusiasm, dedication and general outlook seemed a lot better during the final three months. This show was a little different because in the first two, both people had the skin removal surgery. Once they had the surgery we didn’t see them again until the reveal. I’d guess because they were recovering from surgery. But in this show Dana still was working out.

At the final weigh in he weighed 295lbs. He lost a total of 203lbs. That’s incredible for one year. Especially when you consider he didn’t have the skin removal surgery which could account for 40-80lbs.

Great Work Dana, Another Amazing Transformation

Here are the best quotes from this week’s show

“Change has got to come my way, or it’s over.”

“If you can’t control your weight, you can’t control your life.”

“Your journey is learning to love yourself.”

“This has everything to do with your journey, with your health and your happiness.”

“Every time you reach for food for your comfort, you’re reliving and you keep punishing yourself for something that was never your fault.”

“When you figure out what it is that’s driving you, it’ll be a life long transformation, because it’s the answer th that question that is the solution.”


Another Great Show!

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