2012 Healthy Eating Focus Week #2

Welcome to week two of my ten week Healthy Eating Series, to Kick off 2012!

So how did you do this past week with your eating speed?  Are you convinced that it’s important to slow down and give your body the time that it needs to function properly, allowing for a faster metabolism?  Did you pay attention to your personal eating speed?  Sometimes it’s just a matter of becoming aware of it.

Your focus for week #2 builds upon your week #1 Eating Focus.  Slower eating means relaxing.  Are you stressed while you eat?  For example, are you driving in the car and eating or having an intense conversation while eating?

Focus #2 – Relaxed Eating – Relax and Burn Fat

Remember, the slower you eat the faster you metabolize.

This same concept applies to eating relaxed.  If you eat when you are stressed, your body goes into a fight or flight response.  So imagine the stress your body goes through if you see a big gorilla running toward you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s something as scary as that, or if you’re simply stressed about what you’re eating.

During these moments your body doesn’t recognize the differences in what you are experiencing.  It is genetically programmed to initiate the fight-or-flight response when it perceives any stress.

When it’s in this stress mode, the metabolism slows down and even some of your digestion stops.

Here are some key points to remember about stress and eating.  These were taken from Marc David’s “Slow Down Diet.”

“Worrying about fat increases fat.  Anxiety about weight loss causes your body to put fat on and retain it.”

Slow down, relax your mind! According to Marc, you will burn food more efficiently if you breathe in more oxygen.  So relax and take deep breaths while eating.

Here are some helpful tips:

Slow down and take your time
Create a relaxed eating environment by using candles, soft lighting, good company
Turn off your phone
Turning off the TV
Choose a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere
Keep the conversation light and enjoyable

Try taking 10 long slow deep breaths before each meal, and after each meal.

While eating this next week really focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere, and think about slowing down and breathing.  Do this while keeping all stressors away.  You will be well on your road to a faster metabolism and an overall healthier you!

Please feel free to pass this valuable information to your friends, family, and co-workers!

In Good Health,

John Preston

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The information in this post combined with my Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover will provide a great jump start for you. Make this year’s resolution a reality!

P.S. The information in this post is from Marc David’s “Food Psychology Coaching” Program. It was written by Certified Food Psychology Coach, Lisa Olona, and shared with her permission. If you like the information and are interested in learning more you can contact Lisa at lisaolona@peoriabootcamp.com

P.S.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, Lisa is a friend and associate. The link to contact her is not an affiliate link. I stand to gain nothing financially by providing you with her contact information. I’m always striving to provide you with FREE, accurate and effective information, that will help you to reach your ultimate potential. And I feel this information that Lisa is sharing serves that purpose.

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