Seated Row

Start Position

Finish Position

This is an example of an exercise that you’ll learn in my seminar “An Introduction to Resistance Training”. The Seated Row is a great exercise. When performed correctly it will strengthen the following muscles;

  • Latisimus dorsi (the muscle that runs down the side of your back)
  • Rhomboids and Middle Fibers of the Trapezius (muscles between your shoulder blades)
  • The Rear Deltoid (back  part of shoulders)
  • Biceps

Strengthening these muscle will help to improve your posture. You’ll stand taller, take stress off of your spine and improve movement at the shoulder joint.

At the start position you want your legs straight (but not locked), and your upper body should be vertical (perpendicular to the floor). Ideally you should use a bar with a medium width grip and your palms should face each other.

Exhale as you pull the bar to the finish position. Avoid shrugging your shoulders or rocking back with your upper body.

At the finish position your hands should be at the bottom of your ribcage and you should squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Inhale as you return the bar to the start position. You’re arms should be fully extended but you should not allow the resistance to pull your upper body forward.


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