Bent-Over Dumbbell Row With Stability Ball and Airex Foam (Single Leg)

Start Position

Finish Position


This is an example of an exercise that you’ll learn in my seminar “Exercise Progressions”. This is an advanced exercise. I don’t recommend that you add it to your workout until you’ve attended some of my introductory seminars and established adequate proprioception and balance, as well as shoulder stability. Also you need to learn how to perform a bent-over dumbbell row properly before you can put this entire exercise together.

I’ve included this exercise so that you can see what types of exercises you’ll be able to perform as you progress through my fitness seminars.

In the Start Position you want to place your left foot on an Airex foam pad. Your foot should be directly under your left hip, and your left knee should be straight. Your right hand should be on top of a stability ball with your hand directly under your shoulder. Your right elbow should be straight.

You should have close to an even amount of weight on your left foot and right hand (it is acceptable to have a little more weight on your foot).  Lift your right leg behind you until it is parallel to the floor.  Press your right heel away from your body. Your right knee should be straight. Your hips should remain square to the ground. Fight the natural urge to open your hips to the right.

With a dumbell in your left hand and your left palm facing the stability ball. Exhale as you move the dumbbell to the Finish Position. Your elbow should remain close to your body as you pull the dumbbell to the bottom of your left ribcage. At the Finish Positon you should squeeze your left shoulder blade toward your spine.

Inhale as you lower the dumbbell to the Start Position. Complete your set on one side, then repeat on the other.

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