One Of Our Members Has Been Seriously Mislead, And I Want To Help

I’ve been a member of The National Business Experts for less than a month now. I haven’t totally figured out the culture of this group and how to give and get the most out of it. What I like about the group is that it seems the focus is on building real and genuine relationships.  Once that happens, then real and qualified referrals will take place. And those referrals come from each member’s own network of contacts.  This is different than other networking events and groups that I’ve attended in the past. In those groups it feels like everyone in attendance is trying to convince the other networkers to become their customers.

The National Business Experts is way better!

But I know this much, the word “Experts” is right there in the group name. And we can’t be experts in every field or industry. We have to trust when we are making a referral to another member of the group, that our contact will receive incredible service. But beyond that as members we have an additional benefit. We have direct access to top professionals from a huge variety of industries. None of us should ever experience a bad real estate transaction, have a website that doesn’t look and function the way we want,  have too much or too little insurance, have to represent ourselves in legal matters, etc.  I think it is our responsibility to each other, as members of The National Business Experts, to ensure that every member is provided with accurate information and advice in our respective areas of expertise.

And on that note I let a member down last week at The Five Families Mafia Style Networking event. Not because of any bad intentions on my part, but because I was so totally caught off guard by what she was telling me. I was shocked at what she was saying, that I was basically speechless for a few minutes. Want to know what it is? Ready for it? OK

Once she found out that I was a fitness professional she immediately told me that she gets all of the cardio that she needs because she wears 6 pound shoes.  Here’s a quote, she said, “That’s all I have to do.” She was wearing them that night and she even showed them to me. I’m sure she is a wonderful lady. In fact, she seemed like it. But she has no idea what she is talking about. She is wrong.

I regret that I didn’t tell her that last Wednesday. But I’m going to make things right, and tell her now.

The truth is there have been thousands of studies done at accredited universities around the world. These studies are peer reviewed, double blind and follow accepted scientific methodologies. The result of these studies (and I’ve read a ton of them), is that we know exactly how the body responds and adapts to cardiovascular exercise.

Fact: If you want to improve your cardiovascular capacity, then you need to exercise at 55%-85%+ of your maximum heart rate for a specific period of time (typically between 15-120 minutes). Plus you’ll need to exercise 3-6 times per week. Wearing six pound shoes won’t do that.

Well at least no harm can come from wearing the six pound shoes, right? Wrong!

Here is the deal. This really nice lady thinks that she is deriving the benefits of cardiovascular exercise by wearing these 6 pound shoes, when she isn’t. She thinks that she is;

Reducing her risk of heart disease
Reducing her risk of stroke
Reducing her risk of some cancers
Reducing her risk of Adult Onset Diabetes
Increasing her lifespan
Improving her quality of life
Increasing her chances of maintaining an ideal body weight

Because she thinks that all of these great things are happening to her, she’s not really doing the things she should be doing. And her health is obviously important to her or she wouldn’t have bought the shoes in the first place. She is wasting both her time and money by wearing these shoes.

To make matters worse, wearing six pound shoes is going to distract (pull) her ankles, knees and hips. The result of this constant pulling on the joints of her lower body is that the ligaments that stabilize those joints will be stretched. When you stretch ligaments the joints become less stable. This increases the likelihood of injury to those joints.

The only person benefiting by her wearing these shoes is the person that sold them to her. And that person is running a scam.

There is so much misinformation in the fitness and weight loss (diet) industry. There is no way for you to know with certainty what is true and what is misleading. The good news is, that I’m now a member of The National Business Experts. So you don’t have to guess and hope that you’re doing the right things when it comes to fitness anymore.

Before you start an exercise or weight loss program, or if you have any questions about the things that you’re currently doing please call me or email me. Or just send a message on Facebook.

I’m here to help.

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