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Fox 10′s Gayle Jansen interviews Carl Horne, the founder of In2One Wellness in Scottsdale.

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Huge Announcement

I am excited to announce that I am now The Director of Education at In2One Wellness!

You probably know me as a Personal Trainer or as the Owner of Fitness Know How Headquarters. Which is great.

But throughout my career the driving force in my life has always been to teach people. Fitness Know How Headquarters is an example of that evolution. Through the Internet I was able to go from working with one client at a time to sharing what I know with the world (or at least the many thousands of people who’ve visited the site).

My big career goal is to lead the way in establishing an educational standard for the fitness industry. In much the same way that doctors, attorneys, and many other professionals have a clear educational path they must follow before starting their careers. Fitness professionals should have that same level of respect in the community. And clients deserve quality programs that are safe and effective and delivered by highly educated professionals.

So what does this mean for Fitness Know How Headquarters and my newsletters? You should see very little change. I might not create as many blog post and I may send out fewer newsletters. But as I continue to develop the curriculum, I’ll be able to share that information on the website and though emails. So you may not see any changes at all.

In2One Wellness is an eclectic place for well being. We offer programs for early childhood development, Active Adult Lifestyle programs for boomers, nutrition based weight loss programs, Golf specific programs for juniors through seniors (and competitive golfers), innovative group exercise classes, back pain management and much more.

My job as Director of Education is to create an accredited academy and to deliver certifications for each program. So that the quality of instruction is high and clients experience a genuine In2One Wellness experience as we expand the business into other markets.

Eventually my plan is for the academy to expand into a University that will offer bachelor and master degrees in many disciplines of human movement, nutrition and wellness.

And all of this should be done by the end of the year! Just kidding, it’s going to take many years. But is the impact that I’m going to make in this world and the legacy that I intend to leave.

This new position at In2One Wellness is simply the next step toward that goal.

I’m glad that you are part of this journey with me.

In Good Health,


John Preston

Director of Education

In2One Wellness

Why “Fitness Tutor”

One of the more significant changes that you may have noticed recently, is my use of the term. “Your Fitness Tutor.” I want to take a little time and explain the reasons and importance of that phrase. I want to explain what it means for you and how I can continue to help you.

I began my career in fitness almost 18 years ago. If you know me personally, then you most likely would consider me a Personal Trainer or Boot Camp Instructor. But I no longer consider myself either. I’ve created and developed Fitness Know How Headquarters to help more people to improve their health and fitness. I believe through this new approach people will get better faster and permanent results from their fitness programs, compared with working with a Personal Trainer

The Personal Trainer model is broken, it doesn’t work for the vast majority of clients. It only works for the Personal Trainer. They continue to take your money and don’t teach you a thing about how to get results. Don’t get me wrong all of the trainers actually want you to get results, but they’ve got bills so they will continue to tell you that what you really want is a trainer. Plus a common flaw is that people think that the actual hiring of the trainer or joining of the gym is all they need to do to get results. I’ll teach you what you really should be doing.

Here’s the Deal. You don’t join a gym because you want a gym membership. And you don’t hire a Personal Trainer because you want a Personal Trainer. You want results! You want to experience some meaningful and significant health and fitness results. Now everyone has different reasons and goals, so I’m not going to tell you what your goals should be. But the bottom line is when you join a gym or hire a trainer you want results.

So here is my question. Have you joined a gym in the past or hired a personal trainer and not gotten the results that you wanted?

If you answered yes, then I’m going to share the secret why?

You don’t know what you’re doing.

Now don’t freak out and get mad at me. There is a lot of stuff that I don’t know how to do. If the transmission fails in my car, it’d be a really bad idea for me to try to fix it myself. I’d take it to a professional, a mechanic. And it’d be expensive to fix. But you know what, I’d get the results that I want (a fixed transmission, not a mechanic).

A Personal Trainer is way more expensive than a mechanic. Why would you keep spending money on a gym membership or a Personal Trainer when you don’t have to?

The Good News is, you don’t have to. You just need some simple, basic, and honest information on exercise and how the body works. Then you’ll get the results that you want. You don’t have to master the information. I’ve already done that. And I’m happy to share it with you.

That’s where “Your Fitness Tutor” comes in. If your struggling with math, you don’t get different parents, or change teachers or move to a different school district. You hire a tutor. Someone who understands the subject thoroughly. And you spend just enough time with that tutor to bring you up to speed to get the results that you want.

That’s why I use the term “Tutor,” because a teacher, trainer, coach, instructor, etc., is there on a daily basis. With a tutor you pop in, get the information and help that you need then you’re on your way.

Then you can come back to Fitness Know How Headquarter when you aren’t experiencing the results you want, and learn what you need to. Then go off on your own and experience incredible success.

All of my programs are designed to teach you what you need to know so that you can be successful on your own for the rest of your life.

And I provide that information at a fraction of the cost of just one year of Personal Training. If you trained with me 3 times/week for a year it’d cost you over $11,000. And you may or may not get the results that you want.

But if you are willing to take the time to learn just a little, then you’ll get the results that you want and you won’t spend that much in a lifetime (and once you learn it, you’ll have a very long and healthy life).

Now there is a catch. You’re going to have to take personal responsibility for your behavior. I can provide you will all of the information that you’ll ever need to know to be successful. But if you don’t apply it, nothing will happen.

But that’s really not that big of a deal. Who in their right mind wouldn’t make their own health a priority once they are equipped with accurate and honest information?

The Benefits of having a Fitness Tutor

1. Super Low Cost
2. Affordable and Effective Fitness Solutions
3. You’ll Be Empowered With Knowledge For Life Long Success
4. The Results That You Want!

In Good Health,

John Preston
Your Fitness Tutor

First Annual Update

Welcome to the First Annual State of the HQ address! This is going to be fun. About a year ago, you elected me to lead you as “Your Fitness Tutor”. Ok, not really. I decided all by myself that I wanted to drop some fitness and nutrition knowledge on you.

So, how have we gotten to this day?

About 14 months ago, I decided that I wanted to build a website/business that would allow me to reach out and help more people (way more) than I was able to as a Personal Trainer. I did a little research and decided to build a blog website using wordpress. Based on what I read, this would be easy and allow me to make updates to my site quickly. Plus, according to wordpress, I’d be blogging in about 15 minutes.

Two months later, I launched Fitness Know How Headquarters (fireworks in the background). Now, two months is a lot longer than 15 minutes (remember I’m a fitness person not a computer person). Fitness Know How Headquarters is one year old this month.

I want to thank you for being a part of my first year and trusting me as a credible source of fitness and nutrition information (on that note, DON’T BUY A SHAKE WEIGHT, THEY DON’T WORK!).

But seriously, one year ago when I launched Fitness Know How Headquarters the site had:

1. A free give-away “10 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism.”
2. One featured post.
3. My Bio/Story.
4. A bunch of promises on what the site would become.

Now in all honesty, the site will never be finished. I’ll always be adding new information.

Today, Fitness Know How Headquarters is a much different place to visit online than it was just one year ago.

Here are just some of the changes:

1. There are now 8 featured posts.
2. There are now 60 pages to the site (though many are hidden, terms conditions, etc).
3. There are now 89 blog posts (that’s a lot of fitness 411)
4. There are 12 exercises and descriptions in the photo gallery.
5. There are also 12 exercise videos in the video gallery.
6. You can “like” the Fitness Know How Headquarters fan page on Facebook
7. You can follow me on Twitter or connect on Linkedin.

In addition to those changes, I’ve also developed 7 effective and unique programs

1. My FREE give-away “31 Days To A Much Improved You”, and as you’ll see when you sign up for it, it’s “So Much Free Info, It’s Crazy!”

2. I released my first ebook, Secrets Of A Personal Trainer. This book is for everyone who has gone to the gym and is honest enough with themselves to admit that they weren’t sure of what to do. Or, people who were positive that they knew what they were doing, yet didn’t reach their goals. “Secrets” will take all of the guess work out of what you should be doing. You’ll learn how to design workouts that are specific to your goals. After you read it and apply the info, you’ll reach your goals.

3. The STAX Nutrition System. Ok, I didn’t develop or create this program. But, my friend Chris Powell did, and it works. If you want to lose weight safely and effectively, STAX is the best way to do it. STAX focuses on three basic principles; eat whole and natural foods, eat proper portions, and eat your meals frequently. If you want to lose weight, you should start STAX.

4. Fitness Know How Headquarters’ Workout Of The Month Program. Every month you’ll get a completely different workout. When you change your workouts often, your body is forced to adapt. This means that you can expect incredible results. The workouts are unique. I guarantee that you won’t come across workouts like this anywhere else. Plus, it’s only $3.99-$7.99/month.

5. John Preston’s Weight Loss Coaching Program. This is a local program for people in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. On this program, I’m your personal coach. I’ll teach you everything you’ll ever need to know to lose weight, reach your goals, and keep the weight off.

6. Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover (live). This program is also for people in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. This is a 56 day personal challenge. The goal of the program is to lose as much weight (body fat) as possible. This is a short term physical challenge where you’ll learn that you are stronger than you previously thought. You’ll amaze yourself at the things you’ll accomplish.

7. Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover (online). This program is exactly the same as the “live” version, except it’s for people who don’t live in AZ. The only difference is that you’ll work out on your own, without supervision. Because of that, the price is lower.

Wow! It’s been quite a first year. As you can see, I’m very serious and committed to helping people improve the quality and length of their lives by sharing accurate fitness and nutrition information.

And, I’m just getting started. Here a few things that you can look forward to this upcoming year.

1. I’m revamping “31 Days To A Much Improved You” into a down-loadable ebook called “31 Days To Ultimate Health”. That way, you’ll have the information available to you at all times instead of having it get lost in the clutter of your inbox. But, I’m not stopping there. I’m creating additional free bonuses as part of the “31 Days To Ultimate Health” program. So, even if you’ve already signed up for 31 Days, you’ll want to be a part of this. Stay Tuned.

2. At least 3 more featured posts are coming your way.

3. If you live outside of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, an online version of my Weight Loss Coaching Program is being developed.

4. Later this year, I plan to launch my Fitness Seminar Program. These seminars are very low cost events. At these seminars, you’ll learn why you should do certain exercises and how to perform them properly. The seminars will cover topics like: low back pain, nutrition, hotel and travel workouts, stability ball workouts and many more.

5. Soon to follow the Fitness Seminar Program will be simulcast webinars, so no matter where you live in the world, you’ll be able to attend.

6. Plus, there are some secret programs I’m not yet ready to reveal.

It’s been a busy year, but I love it. Sharing what I know with you and helping you to live a better life is my passion. It drives me. I wake up every morning (though not super early) ready to go.

With all of the stuff out there vying for your attention, I’m honored that you trust me and that you are a part of my program. Thank you. Until next year (ok, I’ll send you some more stuff before then)…

In Good Health,

John Preston
“Your Fitness Tutor”

Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover Challenge

Happy woman on scale

How would you like to lose a ton of weight and transform your body in less than 2 months?

Start Your Own Personal Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover Today!

Here are the Details

The Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover is specifically designed to help you experience dramatic changes in your body. You’ll lose significant amounts of body fat. You’ll increase your lean muscle and reshape your body. You’ll boost your metabolism, and increase your energy. You’ll feel better than you have in years.

How does this work? It’s simple!

We combine a proven nutrition plan with cardiovascular, resistance training, and flexibility and guide you step-by-step to quick, impressive and permanent changes to your body!

In addition, we provide you with a ton of educational and lifestyle information. Plus, you get unlimited online support during the entire challenge on our Facebook page.

You have two options:

#1 – Sign up for our Live, In-Person, supervised program that takes place at The In2One Wellness Center, in Scottsdale AZ. The Live, In-Person program includes up to 24 supervised workout sessions, so you must live in the local area to participate.

#2 – Sign up for our Do-It-Yourself Online program and get started today! The Do-It-Yourself is just like the Live In-Person program except it is for anyone who doesn’t live in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area. You’ll workout on your own and without supervision.

Option #1 (Live)


Option #2 (Online)


The Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover is designed with one purpose – to help you to lose the maximum amount of weight possible in less than 2 months.

Oh yeah, and you won’t be following any crazy, calorie restricted, starvation diet either!


Here’s what you’ll get
Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover


The online program is only $147




Your Simple Path to Success


To get started, you just need to Click Here for the Live In-Person Program or Here for the Online Program

The only thing you’re going to lose is weight!



Live In-Person Program


Online Program



Note: We’ve utilized the STAX Nutrition program for almost 5 years with clients and boot campers. In fact, we’ve presented monthly nutrition seminars that follow the STAX principles. I’ve also been a fitness professional for over 17 years, so the exercise and lifestyle advice comes from an expert.

Terms and Conditions


Prize Payout For The Big Event Happening This May


Big Event Coming This May!

OK, I’ve hinted at this a couple times, there is a huge event happening this May. And I want you to be part of it. I really do want to tell you all the details today. But unfortunately I can’t. I would get in all sorts of legal trouble if I talk about it now. But I can tell you this.

It’s going to be a ton of fun. It’s going to be interactive. It’s going to be emotional and inspiring. It will be national in scale (so everyone in the country, possibly in other countries as well, can participate). It wiil involve fitness, nutrition and weight loss.

There are only a couple things that you’ll need to do to be part of it. Again I can’t tell you what all of them are quite yet. But one of them is you have to “like” Fitness Know How Headquarter’s Facebook fan page. Only people who “like” the page will be eligible to win CASH!

OH YEAH there will also be CASH prizes (actually Visa Gift Cards)

Here is the payout schedule. Please NOTE, that there are no limits. An unlimited number of people can participate and the prizes will continue to grow and become more awesome as more people get involved. So please help me spread the word and share this with people who you think might like fun, interactive, emotional, inspiring, events involving fitness, nutrition, weight loss and best of all CASH!

Again here is the payout schedulre for the prizes.


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place






















































P.S. This is real so after you “like” Fitness Know How Headquarter’s page please suggest it to your friends.

I’m really Amped about this event!


In Good Health,

John Preston 

Jack LaLanne, My Fitness Career and Sushi!

I can’t let today pass without acknowledging the passing of a true legend. Jack LaLanne, you will be missed!

Jack LaLanne was truly a pioneer in fitness. In many ways he created the fitness industry. And because of that I was able to pursue a career in fitness. I wake up happy everyday, because I know I get to spend my day doing something I’m passionate about. I am LUCKY!
18 years ago, during a weekend get away in Morro Bay California, I decided to have some sushi for dinner. Just a few minutes after I sat down for dinner at the bar, Jack LaLanne walked in. At first I didn’t recognize him, but the friend I was with did. I knew who he was, and I thought it was cool that here was there.

But it gets better, he sits at the bar next to me, turns to me and says, “I’m Jack LaLanne, and this is my wife Elaine.”

I introduce myself, “My name is John.” then without pause I turn to his wife and say, “That means your name is Elaine LaLanne.” She says, “That’s right, I’ve heard that a million times.”

He reached out his hand to shake mine, grips it so hard that he damn near breaks it.

For the next 90 minutes we eat and talk about fitness, nutrition, exercise and business. It was an evening I’ll never forget. Here’s why….

At the time I had just made the decision to leave the film industry to pursue a career in fitness. I was still working on movies to save money to pay for college. And I got spend an evening with a 78 year old fitness pioneer; he had so much positive energy, passion, and enthusiasm for life (plus a shit load of grip strength). I knew right then that I was making the right choice to pursue my passion!

Everything that I ever do for the rest of my life, will be influenced and inspired by that evening, and the life of Jack LaLanne. Thank you Jack!

Elaine, my thoughts are with you…
John Preston

Fitness Tip #31 of #31 Do Something New

Wow this is the final tip of the month! Funny how time flies when you’re getting healthy.

I’ve shared a lot of really important information with you this month. I’m confident that you’re probably already beginning to notice the positive effects of making these  changes in your life. You can expect to see real, continued improvements in your health during the upcoming weeks and months.

The reason for making the decision to lead a healthy life is simple. If you are healthy, you feel good. When you are healthy and feel good you can choose to engage in activities that unhealthy people cannot. Now that you’ve taken the first steps to living a healthy life I want you to do something that you’ve never done before. This can be a very simple new activity.

When you participate in a new activity you’ll be challenged in ways that you’ve never experienced before. And all of these challenges and experiences will only impact you in a positive way. Each activity has unique skill set and movement patterns. The more you challenge yourself physically to learn new movement patterns the more efficient and balanced you’ll become physically. By introducing new movement patterns into your life you’ll not only challenge your body but also your mind. And like a good friend of mine always says, “The body follows the mind.”

So get out there and take advantage of your newly rediscovered health and learn and do something new. But make sure it’s something you’re interested in, here are some great examples:

1. Yoga
2. Pilates
3. Kick Boxing
4. Learn any Martial Art
5. Join a swim club
6. Join a rowing club
7. Tennis
8. Golf
9. Hiking Club
10. Dance Lessons (Swing, Ballroom, Belly, Two-Step)
11. You get the idea

Take Massive Action and sign up for something today…do it, right now!

OK now you’re equipped with a ton of information that will help you to live a much healthier life for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

And if you’ve found this information to be interesting, helpful, and useful, please share it with your friends.

And remember to visit regularly. I’ll be updating the site with new health, fitness and exercise information frequently.

Thanks for trusting me with your health

In Good Health,

John Preston.

Fitness Seminars


My live, in-person seminars will give you all the tools you’ll need for ultimate success.

More information on my fitness seminars is coming soon…

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