Biggest Loser – Motivational and Inspirational Quotes From Season 12, Week 8

Before I get to the motivational and inspirational quotes from this weeks episode of The Biggest Loser, there are a couple interesting topics from this show that I believe will help you immensely.

They brought in a doctor who is a expert on how the pleasure area of the brain reacts to food. They compared the reaction of non-obese to the reaction of obese people. Here are the super interesting results. When an obese person sees or smells food they get a much greater reaction in the pleasure area of the brain. They experience an increase of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

But when an obese person begins to eat they experience much less pleasure than a normal weight person. So they continue to eat more food in an attempt to experience more pleasure. Here is the conclusion obese people have stronger cravings (and pleasure response) for food but have to actually eat more to experience the same pleasure that a normal weight person does. That is a double whammy that makes the cycle of obesity so difficult to overcome.

To beat it you have to rethink everything. Everything about your relationship with food and activity. You can retrain your brain. This retraining (the new habits) can take weeks or even months to develop. That is why short term, quick fix diets and exercise programs will never work. To make thinks even more challenging weeks of working on changing your thought process can easily be erased by several days (one week) of returning to your old habits.

Think, going on vacation for a week after only being on your new program for a few weeks prior. When you get back you may need to start the process all over. I know that that might seem daunting, but what is the alternative? What if you don’t fail? What if you succeed? Or even worse, what if you don’t even try?

Respect yourself! Make your health a priority!

One more really positive thing before I get to the top quotes.

Ramon, who is 27, was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes at the beginning of the season. In eight weeks he has changed his diet and exercise program and lost enough weight to completely reverse the disease. This is proof that proper nutrition and exercise will profoundly and positively affect your health. It will work, every time!

Now for the top Inspirational and Motivational quotes from this week’s episode;

“Think of the big picture, it’s going to get better.”

“It’s OK to have a bad day; it’s what you do after that bad day that counts.”

“You have an enormous amount of potential, you can do anything that you want to do.’

“This is about changing your life, forever.”

“It’s about writing the next chapter in your life.”

“My future is just so good.”

“You deserve to feel confident.”

“The world is mine and I can do whatever I want to.”

“I’m learning to rethink everything.”

“I’m not going to give up…no way!”

“Respect yourself; take care of yourself.”

“It’s about getting your life back.”

“When you believe in yourself you can do amazing things.”

See you next week!


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