2012 Healthy Eating Focus Week #1

Happy New Year! 

Now that the Holidays are over it’s time to refocus your energy back to your health!

I have been working with individuals that want to lose weight or struggle to manage their weight, for over 18 years now.  The media bombards us with fad diets, gimmicks, and the quickest (easy) ways to lose weight.  Yet, many people still continue to ride the emotional roller coaster of gaining weight and feeling guilty, then losing weight and feeling successful, only to gain it back again.

This needs to change for your own sanity!  During the first 10 weeks of this year I will be walking you through a step by step lesson that will help you create an emotionally healthy relationship with food and with your body.  I will give you 10 key steps that go beyond calorie counting and stressing about everything you consume.

My goal is to help you develop such an emotionally healthy relationship with food and exercise so that you’ll never have to “diet” again.  You can feel OK to eat that piece of cake at a birthday party, without the hours of beating yourself up.  You can enjoy food at an emotionally healthy level.

This is simply my thanks to you for being a committed reader, as well as, my genuine desire to make your life more enjoyable.

Here is your eating focus for the first week.  Work on this every time you eat, and you’ll start to create new habits. Enjoy!

First ask yourself, am I a fast, moderate, or slow eater?  If you answered fast or moderate, then this is really for you.  If you answered slow, you’ll learn just how much of a boost you’re giving to your metabolism by eating slowly.

Focus #1 – Eating Speed

Eating fast creates stress on your nutritional metabolism.  So if you want a healthy metabolism, slow down when you eat!

According to the “Slow Down Diet,” by Marc David, your body creates a stress response when you eat too fast.  The following things occur:

Reduced nutrient absorption
Reduced oxygen supply
Reduced thermic efficiency – your ability to burn calories
Reduced growth hormone – helps burn fat and build muscle
Reduced thyroid hormone – decreases metabolic activity
Reduced muscle mass – more flab and a slower metabolism
Reduced sex hormones – lower sex drive, low energy
Reduced kidney function – toxicity, electrolyte imbalance, water retention

You’ll also experience:

Increased nutrient excretion – loss of vital nutrients
Increased blood cholesterol – stress raises LDL
Increased salt retention
Increased cortisol levels
Increased food sensitivities and allergies
Increased oxidative stress – prematurely ages the body
Increased inflammation

We cause stress to our bodies when we eat too fast.  The body has to work harder to keep up and digest properly.  The information above is the result of this stress.  The indicators of good health; the things you want to go up, decline and vice-versa.

The lesson this week is to practice slowing down when you eat!  For the next few meals, become aware of your eating speed.  As you become more aware of the speed, start to focus on slowing down.  Give your body the time it needs to digest the nutrients properly!

Please feel free to pass this valuable information to your friends, family, and co-workers!

In Good Health,

John Preston

Your Fitness Tutor



If you really want to get a jump start with your weight loss this year, then check out my Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover. It just might be right for you!


P.S. The information in this post is from Marc David’s “Food Psychology Coaching” Program. It was written by Certified Food Psychology Coach, Lisa Olona, and shared with her permission. If you like the information and are interested in learning more you can contact Lisa at lisaolona@peoriabootcamp.com

P.S.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, Lisa is a friend and associate. The link to contact her is not an affiliate link. I stand to gain nothing financially by providing you with her contact information. I’m always striving to provide you with FREE, accurate and effective information, that will help you to reach your ultimate potential. And I feel this information that Lisa is sharing serves that purpose.


How To Get Flat Abs By Xmas

I just received a newsletter from a former colleague with the following subject line; “Flat abs for Xmas”. This type of marketing is typical fitness industry stuff. Over-hyped, unrealistic promises that prey on your emotional triggers.

 I’m sick of it. Let’s get real!

First of all it is probably impossible for you to have flat abs by Christmas. This Newsletter was sent out on December 1st, so you’d only have 24 days to get your flat abs. To get flat abs you’ll need to get very lean. And while exercise is a vital component you’d have to follow a very strict diet to get flat abs. If you’re following a very strict diet you can expect to lose a max of 1-2 pounds per week. So in four weeks you’ll lose about 4-8 pounds.

If you are more than 4-8 pounds away from flat abs you won’t reach your goal in time for Christmas.

Second, if you’ve got to lose more than 8 pounds to get your flat abs, are you really going to go on an extremely strict diet the 3-4 weeks before Christmas? You have to set realistic, attainable goals. Otherwise you’ll set yourself up for failure. If you fail enough times, you’ll simply give up and stop trying. And when you stop trying, you’ll never reach your goals.

I want you to be successful. I want you to reach your goals. I will help to set you up for success.

Third and most important, is having flat abs really your top priority when it comes to your health, fitness and nutrition? If it is then I’m not interested in helping you. Shoot me and email and I’ll get you in touch with the trainer who promises “flat abs for Xmas.”

When your priorities are rooted in your superficial appearance you are setting yourself up for failure. Because you’re never going to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

The changes that will happen to your body are the by-product (or side effect), of genuine good health and wellness. And that change starts in your mind. If you want to improve your health, you’ll need to change the way that you think about yourself, food, and movement (exercise). When you change your mind, your way of thinking, then you’ll like what you see in the mirror.

Think about it this way. If you don’t think that you’re worthy or deserving of good health, why would you even begin to engage in habits or activities that would lead to improved health?

If you “hate” exercise, do you think that you’ll be successful at it? Have you ever been successful at anything that you hate to do? So to be successful you have to change your mind, change the way you think and feel about exercise. Now this is a process, a journey, there isn’t a switch that you can hit that will cause you to love to exercise when you currently hate it.

But I can show you how.

If you think of food that is bad for your health and in direct opposition to your goals as a “treat” or “reward”, then you need to change your mind. Change your relationship with food. Start to think of food that nourishes your body and improves your health as the reward.

Again this is a process, and a journey. And the destination is good health! It might take longer than 3-4 weeks to get there but it’s worth it.

And unlike the misleading, unrealistic goal of flat abs in 3 weeks, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to maintain your good health for the rest of your life.

Now for a fun little task. In the comment section below create a list of 5-10 health, fitness, and wellness goals that you have. The list must include “Flat Abs”. Then rank them in order of importance to you…

Enjoy….and Have a Merry Christmas
(Flat abs, or not…)

Biggest Loser – Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Season 12 week #10

Before I get to the Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from this week I want to go over an important Holiday weight gain issue. This was the Thanksgiving episode. They started the show with Thanksgiving temptation. But more importantly they dropped an interesting fact.

According the The Biggest Loser, the average American consumes about 4500 calories during Thanksgiving. This is an important fact. Because so many people worry about weight gain during the Holidays or try to make a Holiday meal healthier. I say that that is a waste of time. Here’s  why….

Yes the average American may consume 4500 calories. But if you’re an average American you’ll need about 2000 calories that day. So it is only 2500 extra calories. That means you’d only gain about .7 pounds on Thanksgiving. You shouldn’t be concerned with a .7 pound weight gain on Thanksgiving. You should enjoy yourself and your friends, family and food. What you should be concerned about, and what should keep you awake at night is the extra 100 calories that you consume the 350 non-holiday days each year that lead to 10 pounds of weight gain a year.

If you eat clean everyday and exercise more days than not year round, then you won’t have anything to worry about on the Holidays. How much more fun and enjoyable will they be if that is your reality?

Let’s look at this another way. Let’s say that you consume an extra 2500 on each of the Holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. That is 10,000 extra calories. That means you’d gain about 2.8 pounds. You seriously aren’t trying to make Thanksgiving a healthy meal because your worried about gaining only 2.8 pounds are you? If so here is the solution. You need a combination of reduced calorie intake (eating) or increased calorie expenditure (moving) of about 166 calories per day to lose 2.8 pounds during the two months between Halloween and New Years Day.

If you do that, then you can pig out during the four holidays and not gain a pound.

So how do you get to a total of 166 calories?

10 minutes of exercise (jogging at 12 minutes/mile, circuit training, aerobics), for a 180 pound person will burn about 100 calories. One chocolate chip cookie is about 72 calories. Grand total 172 calories. There you go. Exercise 10 minutes/day (or add 10 minutes to your workout) and skip one cookie per day. That way you can enjoy your holidays and not gain any weight.

Now if you just go nuts and have Halloween candy around for a month, eat Thanksgiving left overs for a week, eat every bit of candy and cookies that people bring in to work or give you as gifts, then you’re going to gain a ton of weight (10-20+ pounds). If you’re going to do that then just disregard everything I’ve written above.

Gain the weight and look me up in January. I’ll help you to lose the weight then!!!

Now for the Inspirational and Motivational quotes from this weeks episode of The Biggest Loser

“You have a lot to fight for.”

“If you can’t celebrate it then you don’t think you’ve achieved anything. It make it that much easier to go back.”

“Just keep moving, don’t stop.”

“Yeah, I’m hurting, but I’m not dead.”

“Finish what you start.”

“Hold your head up high.”

“I have so much to live for now.”

“I was lying to myself, there’s no more lying.”

“This is the life, right here!”

See you next week

Biggest Loser – Motivational and Inspirational Quotes From Season 12, Week 8

Before I get to the motivational and inspirational quotes from this weeks episode of The Biggest Loser, there are a couple interesting topics from this show that I believe will help you immensely.

They brought in a doctor who is a expert on how the pleasure area of the brain reacts to food. They compared the reaction of non-obese to the reaction of obese people. Here are the super interesting results. When an obese person sees or smells food they get a much greater reaction in the pleasure area of the brain. They experience an increase of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

But when an obese person begins to eat they experience much less pleasure than a normal weight person. So they continue to eat more food in an attempt to experience more pleasure. Here is the conclusion obese people have stronger cravings (and pleasure response) for food but have to actually eat more to experience the same pleasure that a normal weight person does. That is a double whammy that makes the cycle of obesity so difficult to overcome.

To beat it you have to rethink everything. Everything about your relationship with food and activity. You can retrain your brain. This retraining (the new habits) can take weeks or even months to develop. That is why short term, quick fix diets and exercise programs will never work. To make thinks even more challenging weeks of working on changing your thought process can easily be erased by several days (one week) of returning to your old habits.

Think, going on vacation for a week after only being on your new program for a few weeks prior. When you get back you may need to start the process all over. I know that that might seem daunting, but what is the alternative? What if you don’t fail? What if you succeed? Or even worse, what if you don’t even try?

Respect yourself! Make your health a priority!

One more really positive thing before I get to the top quotes.

Ramon, who is 27, was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes at the beginning of the season. In eight weeks he has changed his diet and exercise program and lost enough weight to completely reverse the disease. This is proof that proper nutrition and exercise will profoundly and positively affect your health. It will work, every time!

Now for the top Inspirational and Motivational quotes from this week’s episode;

“Think of the big picture, it’s going to get better.”

“It’s OK to have a bad day; it’s what you do after that bad day that counts.”

“You have an enormous amount of potential, you can do anything that you want to do.’

“This is about changing your life, forever.”

“It’s about writing the next chapter in your life.”

“My future is just so good.”

“You deserve to feel confident.”

“The world is mine and I can do whatever I want to.”

“I’m learning to rethink everything.”

“I’m not going to give up…no way!”

“Respect yourself; take care of yourself.”

“It’s about getting your life back.”

“When you believe in yourself you can do amazing things.”

See you next week!

Biggest Loser – Motivational and Inspirational Quotes From Season 12, Week 7

Here are the top Motivational and Inspirational quotes from this weeks episode of The Biggest Loser

“It’s the first step in getting myself stronger…to move on.”

“Work with what you’ve got.”

“There is magic around every single corner, you just have to go look for it.”

“Anything that you want, you can achieve. You just have to look for it and work hard to get there.”

“This is good, I’m happy.”

“That 15 pounds is gone, and that’s priceless.”

“I have to make myself responsible for my outcome.”

See you next week!

Biggest Loser – Motivational and Inspirational Quotes From Season 12, Week 6

This was the Halloween Episode

Here are a couple of interesting facts from this week’s show.

1. Each year 20 million pounds of candy corn is sold.

2. The average American eats 24lbs. of candy per year.

OK Here are the Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from this weeks episode of The Biggest Loser

“When an issue comes, deal with it, don’t ignore it.”

“The more you suppress your feelings, the more damage you do to yourself.”

“I’m in this for the long haul.”

“I want you to think about what motivates you, that’s your fuel, that’s your drive.”

“This is going to be a way of life; changing who I am and my perception of myself that’s what this is all about.”

“Exercise has become my new fuel, my motivation, the most amazing felling to ever have.”


Enjoy Halloween. See you next week!

Splenda – Should You Consume It?

One of my clients asked me an important question today. “Is Splenda OK fo my diet?” And here was my response. “For now. Eventually you shouldn’t eat any artificial sweeteners. I’ll do a little research on Splenda and get back to you.”

My reason for saying “For now..” is that I know he is making a commitment to change his nutrition and lose some weight. He wants to use the Splenda in his coffee. By reducing calories when he consumes coffee it will help with his goal of losing weight. I’m hoping that the success he’s about to experience will build some momentum to make some other changes, including not using artificial sweeteners.

The reason I’m against the use of Splenda and other artificial sweeteners is because they are “artificial”. I’m a proponent of eating whole and natural food.

But the reason that I didn’t give him an absolute no is because I’ve spent very little time researching Splenda. So I decided to keep my word and do a little research. Here is what I learned.

Splenda is the brand name of a chemical called Sucralose. Sucralose was discovered in 1976 by scientists while researching ways to use sucrose as a chemical intermediate in non-traditional areas. They found the compound to be exceptionally sweet.

Sucralose is a molecule of sugar chemically manipulated to surrender three hydroxyl groups (hydrogen + oxygen) and replace them with three chlorine atoms. Natural sugar is a hydrocarbon built around 12 carbon atoms. When turned into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the family of Chlorodane, Lindane and DDT (pesticide).

Here is its chemical name – 4,1′,6′-trideoxygalactosucrose,

Sucralose has been accepted by several national and international food safety regulatory bodies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Joint Food and Agriculture Organization / World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives, The European Union’s Scientific Committee on Food, Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada, and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand (FSANZ). Sucralose is one of two artificial sweeteners ranked as “safe” by the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest. The other is “Neotame”. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, the amount of sucralose that can be consumed on a daily basis over a person’s lifetime without any adverse effects is 9 mg/kg/day.

In determining the safety of sucralose, the FDA reviewed data from more than 110 studies in humans and animals. Many of the studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects, including carcinogenic, reproductive, and neurological effects. No such effects were found, and FDA’s approval is based on the finding that sucralose is safe for human consumption.

So, with the approval of all of those agencies Splenda must be safe? The truth is, we just don’t know yet. There are no long-term studies of the side effects of Splenda in humans. The manufacturer’s own short-term studies showed that very high doses of sucralose (far beyond what would be expected in an ordinary diet) caused shrunken thymus glands, enlarged livers, and kidney disorders in rodents. (A more recent study also shows that Splenda significantly decreases beneficial intestinal flora.)

Since Splenda has been on the market, no independent studies of sucralose lasting more than six months have been done in humans. Of those trials that were done, none were very large — the largest was 128 people. So, what happens when you’ve used sucralose for a year, or two, or ten?

Evidence that there are side effects of Splenda is accumulating little by little. Sucralose has been implicated as a possible migraine trigger, for example. Self-reported adverse reactions to Splenda or sucralose collected by the Sucralose Toxicity Information Center include skin rashes/flushing, panic-like agitation, dizziness and numbness, diarrhea, swelling, muscle aches, headaches, intestinal cramping, bladder issues, and stomach pain. These show up in the people who have an allergy or sensitivity to the sucralose molecule. But no one can say to what degree consuming Splenda affects the rest of us, and there are no long-term studies in humans with large numbers of subjects to say one way or the other if it’s safe for everyone.

Now for some information on how consuming Splenda can help with weight loss.

Eating sugar shoots our blood sugar levels up and triggers a spike in the hormone insulin, which is needed to prep our cells to absorb the sugar. If there are no other nutrients to sustain our blood sugar level, it crashes as quickly as it rises — and we crave another hit. This is how sugar addiction begins.

Moreover, sugar floods us with pleasure by stimulating the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and probably other mood-elevating substances.

And so our brains have learned over time to equate the taste of “sweet” with a rapid infusion of energy and pleasure. Even now when we eat sweet foods, special taste buds trigger enzymes that prime our brain to anticipate this extra boost. With a balanced diet and a healthy metabolism, a calorie–control mechanism kicks in after a few minutes to regulate the desire for more food, including the satiety hormone leptin. But with too much sugar, we eat and eat and can’t get satisfied.

So even if the “Sweet” taste comes from a zero-calorie artificial sweetener, our body still responds with increases of insulin. This allows the body to store extra calories (fat) more easily. Plus you’ll be more likely to turn to more food, more quickly to fill the hunger that wasn’t satisfied by the sweet tasting food.

So do I recommend the use of Splenda? NO!

I know that there are many legitimate an well meaning organizations that have deemed Splenda safe.

But if you want to be healthy then I advocate a nutrition plan consisting of whole and natural foods. And Splenda is not natural.

If you want to lose weight then I recommend avoiding sweet foods, natural or otherwise. Even if the sweetness comes from a zero-calorie source, the body still reacts the same physiologically. Making weight loss more difficult.

The information in this post is from the following sources;

Top Tips For Aging Gracefully

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. We’ll all want to age gracefully. That’s because the alternative sucks!

One of the things that we have absolute control over is the food that we put into our bodies. And the food that we eat has a HUGE impact on our health and how we will age. A diet that consist of high quality protein (like that found in fish), colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, and an adequate amount of good fat (like that found in salmon, flax, nuts, seeds and olive oil), is essential to good health and a long life.

Inflammation is at the root of age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease and wrinkles, and sagging skin. The wrong foods, such a sugar, processed foods, pasta, breads, pastry and backed goods can increase levels of the pro-inflammatory peptides.

Your skin is a reflection of your internal health. When you eat foods that reduce inflammation, your skin will visibly improve plus you’ll automatically reduce your risk of age-related disease. In addition you’ll lose body fat and your body weight will normalize.

Sugar – Sugar is the number one enemy. It causes inflammation that destroys our bodies and attaches to collagen. Which results in stiff, inflexible, sagging skin. Controlling your blood sugar levels and insulin levels will improve your health and give you beautiful, youthful skin.

Coffee – Coffee (and its not the caffeine) can result in elevated levels of cortisol and insulin, leading to weight gain. Remember, elevated insulin puts a lock on body fat. If you substitute green tea for coffee, and do nothing else differently, you  could lose 10 or more pounds in just six weeks.

EFAs – Essential fatty acids are necessary for elevated mood beautiful skin, healthy immune system, and increases mental clarity. Plus you need to eat fat if you want your body to burn fat, so EFAs also help with weight loss

Water – You must drink 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to maintain health and beautiful skin. Your goal should be to drink at least 96oz of water. Water is essential to good health as all biochemical reactions in the body take place in the presence of water.

Here are some recommendations for food choices that will reduce inflammation improve your health and help you to age gracefully

Best Carbohydrate Choices

Artichokes, dark-green leafy vegetable, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, apple, pears, barley, beans (kidney beans, pinto beans chick peas), cauliflower, brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, endive, eggplant, kale, red and green peppers, celery cucumbers, honeydew melons, lentils, mushrooms, tomatoes, turnips, pomegranates, snow peas, oatmeal

Best Protein Choices

Wild Alaskan salmon, halibut, trout anchovies, sardines, poultry yogurt high EFA eggs, kefir, cottage cheese

Best Fats

Extra virgin olive oil, flax oil flax seed nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia) pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds

Best Beverages

Spring water, green tea, white tea, black tea, martini’s (just a test to see if you’re paying attention)


Buckwheat, whole oats, barley


Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, oregano, basil, thyme, cayenne (basically any and all spices and herbs you can think of are great anti-aging foods)

Harvard Study Reveals How Certain Foods Effect Weight

Last month Harvard released a study on how certain foods affect weight. There is some really important information that you need to know if you’re going to be successful in losing weight. This study confirms some of the things that I’ve believed for years, but were scientifically yet to be supported. This study also challenges many current weight loss approaches.

First of all this is a large and significant study. This study was conducted by one of the leading and most respected educational institutions in the world. The researches followed more than 120,000 men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s for over 20 years. They looked at various foods and drinks, as well as exercise, sleep patterns and other lifestyle choices and the impact that each has on affecting weight gain.

This study is based on a large number of people, followed over time, and it showed that there are particular types of food that are contributing more than others to the obesity problem (and there are some that protect against weight gain).

Here are the primary culprits.

Every additional daily serving of potatoes pushed up the scale by more than a pound every four years. But the type of potato is important. French Fries added 3.35 pounds and potato chips added 1.69 pounds.  And that’s only over a four year period. Over a forty year period, say from the age of 20 to 60, that’s 33.5 pounds from french fries and 16.9 pounds from potato chips. Eat both and you’ll gain 50.4 pounds in forty years. That’s Obesity!!!

Also every extra serving of refined grains, such as white bread added .39 pounds in four years. That may not sound like much. But statistically it’s the same as eating sweets and deserts.

Conventional wisdom has been that you should eat everything in moderation and just reduce your total calories; without paying attention to what those calories are made of. We need to re-think conventional wisdom. Refined carbohydrates cause blood sugar and insulin to surge. Which makes people feel less satisfied and eat more.

A surprise from the study is that yogurt helped to keep off nearly a pound of fat over a four year period.

Those you exercised more gained nearly 2 pounds less every four years than those who exercised the least.

People who slept less than six hours or more than eight hours were more likely to gain weight.

Now this study did have some limitations. The precise “serving size” varied among foods and relied on the participants memory and honesty.

But the study is based on a large number of people followed over time, and it shows there are particular types of good and are contributing more than others to the obesity problem.

The finding adds to the growing body of evidence that getting heavier is not just a matter of “calories in, calorie out” and that the mantra “Eat less and exercise more” is far too simplistic.

All foods are not equal, and just eating in moderation is not enough. The findings help to explain why many people put on weight little by little over the years without even realizing. Just by picking the wrong combinations and portions of foods and making unhealthy lifestyle choices, you can imperceptibly pile on the pounds as the years go by. Eventually becoming overweight or even obese.

So what can you do?

1. Eliminate or severely reduce potatoes (especially french fries and potato chips)

2. Eliminate or severely reduce refined grains (especially white bread)

3. Get between 6-8 hours of sleep every night

4. Exercise almost every day (if you don’t know what to do, I’ve got programs to help and you’re already on the site)

5. Eat Yogurt (This is a tough one for me because I’m not a big advocate of dairy products)

6. Pay attention to food combinations and proper portions.

This information is so powerful and will hopefully change the way to look at fat loss for the rest of your life. I originally simply wanted to share it with you and had no intentions of promoting anything, but this information is 100% in line with what I’ve been teaching people nutritionally for the last five years. If you are confused or think making these changes will be difficult, then you should get a STAX System. It is the only nutrition program that I recommend and it follows the findings of this study to the letter.

Or you could take all of this information and do nothing. If you do that, you’ll keep gaining weight.

I hope that you found this information interesting and helpful. If you did, please leave your comments below…I love’em and I’ll reply…

First Annual Update

Welcome to the First Annual State of the HQ address! This is going to be fun. About a year ago, you elected me to lead you as “Your Fitness Tutor”. Ok, not really. I decided all by myself that I wanted to drop some fitness and nutrition knowledge on you.

So, how have we gotten to this day?

About 14 months ago, I decided that I wanted to build a website/business that would allow me to reach out and help more people (way more) than I was able to as a Personal Trainer. I did a little research and decided to build a blog website using wordpress. Based on what I read, this would be easy and allow me to make updates to my site quickly. Plus, according to wordpress, I’d be blogging in about 15 minutes.

Two months later, I launched Fitness Know How Headquarters (fireworks in the background). Now, two months is a lot longer than 15 minutes (remember I’m a fitness person not a computer person). Fitness Know How Headquarters is one year old this month.

I want to thank you for being a part of my first year and trusting me as a credible source of fitness and nutrition information (on that note, DON’T BUY A SHAKE WEIGHT, THEY DON’T WORK!).

But seriously, one year ago when I launched Fitness Know How Headquarters the site had:

1. A free give-away “10 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism.”
2. One featured post.
3. My Bio/Story.
4. A bunch of promises on what the site would become.

Now in all honesty, the site will never be finished. I’ll always be adding new information.

Today, Fitness Know How Headquarters is a much different place to visit online than it was just one year ago.

Here are just some of the changes:

1. There are now 8 featured posts.
2. There are now 60 pages to the site (though many are hidden, terms conditions, etc).
3. There are now 89 blog posts (that’s a lot of fitness 411)
4. There are 12 exercises and descriptions in the photo gallery.
5. There are also 12 exercise videos in the video gallery.
6. You can “like” the Fitness Know How Headquarters fan page on Facebook
7. You can follow me on Twitter or connect on Linkedin.

In addition to those changes, I’ve also developed 7 effective and unique programs

1. My FREE give-away “31 Days To A Much Improved You”, and as you’ll see when you sign up for it, it’s “So Much Free Info, It’s Crazy!”

2. I released my first ebook, Secrets Of A Personal Trainer. This book is for everyone who has gone to the gym and is honest enough with themselves to admit that they weren’t sure of what to do. Or, people who were positive that they knew what they were doing, yet didn’t reach their goals. “Secrets” will take all of the guess work out of what you should be doing. You’ll learn how to design workouts that are specific to your goals. After you read it and apply the info, you’ll reach your goals.

3. The STAX Nutrition System. Ok, I didn’t develop or create this program. But, my friend Chris Powell did, and it works. If you want to lose weight safely and effectively, STAX is the best way to do it. STAX focuses on three basic principles; eat whole and natural foods, eat proper portions, and eat your meals frequently. If you want to lose weight, you should start STAX.

4. Fitness Know How Headquarters’ Workout Of The Month Program. Every month you’ll get a completely different workout. When you change your workouts often, your body is forced to adapt. This means that you can expect incredible results. The workouts are unique. I guarantee that you won’t come across workouts like this anywhere else. Plus, it’s only $3.99-$7.99/month.

5. John Preston’s Weight Loss Coaching Program. This is a local program for people in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. On this program, I’m your personal coach. I’ll teach you everything you’ll ever need to know to lose weight, reach your goals, and keep the weight off.

6. Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover (live). This program is also for people in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. This is a 56 day personal challenge. The goal of the program is to lose as much weight (body fat) as possible. This is a short term physical challenge where you’ll learn that you are stronger than you previously thought. You’ll amaze yourself at the things you’ll accomplish.

7. Fat 2 Fit 56 Day Makeover (online). This program is exactly the same as the “live” version, except it’s for people who don’t live in AZ. The only difference is that you’ll work out on your own, without supervision. Because of that, the price is lower.

Wow! It’s been quite a first year. As you can see, I’m very serious and committed to helping people improve the quality and length of their lives by sharing accurate fitness and nutrition information.

And, I’m just getting started. Here a few things that you can look forward to this upcoming year.

1. I’m revamping “31 Days To A Much Improved You” into a down-loadable ebook called “31 Days To Ultimate Health”. That way, you’ll have the information available to you at all times instead of having it get lost in the clutter of your inbox. But, I’m not stopping there. I’m creating additional free bonuses as part of the “31 Days To Ultimate Health” program. So, even if you’ve already signed up for 31 Days, you’ll want to be a part of this. Stay Tuned.

2. At least 3 more featured posts are coming your way.

3. If you live outside of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, an online version of my Weight Loss Coaching Program is being developed.

4. Later this year, I plan to launch my Fitness Seminar Program. These seminars are very low cost events. At these seminars, you’ll learn why you should do certain exercises and how to perform them properly. The seminars will cover topics like: low back pain, nutrition, hotel and travel workouts, stability ball workouts and many more.

5. Soon to follow the Fitness Seminar Program will be simulcast webinars, so no matter where you live in the world, you’ll be able to attend.

6. Plus, there are some secret programs I’m not yet ready to reveal.

It’s been a busy year, but I love it. Sharing what I know with you and helping you to live a better life is my passion. It drives me. I wake up every morning (though not super early) ready to go.

With all of the stuff out there vying for your attention, I’m honored that you trust me and that you are a part of my program. Thank you. Until next year (ok, I’ll send you some more stuff before then)…

In Good Health,

John Preston
“Your Fitness Tutor”

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