Fitness Tip #31 of #31 Do Something New

Wow this is the final tip of the month! Funny how time flies when you’re getting healthy.

I’ve shared a lot of really important information with you this month. I’m confident that you’re probably already beginning to notice the positive effects of making these  changes in your life. You can expect to see real, continued improvements in your health during the upcoming weeks and months.

The reason for making the decision to lead a healthy life is simple. If you are healthy, you feel good. When you are healthy and feel good you can choose to engage in activities that unhealthy people cannot. Now that you’ve taken the first steps to living a healthy life I want you to do something that you’ve never done before. This can be a very simple new activity.

When you participate in a new activity you’ll be challenged in ways that you’ve never experienced before. And all of these challenges and experiences will only impact you in a positive way. Each activity has unique skill set and movement patterns. The more you challenge yourself physically to learn new movement patterns the more efficient and balanced you’ll become physically. By introducing new movement patterns into your life you’ll not only challenge your body but also your mind. And like a good friend of mine always says, “The body follows the mind.”

So get out there and take advantage of your newly rediscovered health and learn and do something new. But make sure it’s something you’re interested in, here are some great examples:

1. Yoga
2. Pilates
3. Kick Boxing
4. Learn any Martial Art
5. Join a swim club
6. Join a rowing club
7. Tennis
8. Golf
9. Hiking Club
10. Dance Lessons (Swing, Ballroom, Belly, Two-Step)
11. You get the idea

Take Massive Action and sign up for something today…do it, right now!

OK now you’re equipped with a ton of information that will help you to live a much healthier life for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

And if you’ve found this information to be interesting, helpful, and useful, please share it with your friends.

And remember to visit regularly. I’ll be updating the site with new health, fitness and exercise information frequently.

Thanks for trusting me with your health

In Good Health,

John Preston.

My Golf Journey


Success in any endeavor is always a journey.

Along that journey there are always tiny setbacks and successes that should be celebrated and acknowledged…

Stay tuned, this might get interesting…

These “Golf” related posts serve three purposes.

1. They allow me to talk about a relatively new passion in my life.

2. They allow me  to connect with you on a fun and personal level.

3. They allow you to see that I can relate to the struggles that are often involved in reaching ones goals. And the importance of Perseverance!

Let start at the beginning….

I was born a poor black child (OK, that’s from The Jerk), not that far back…

My first memory of having a golf club in my hand, was definitely not my “first memory”. I think I was about ten years old, and I (or my mom), signed up for a six week summer golf clinic. I’m not even sure who put this clinic on, it might have been a city (Battle Creek, MI) recreation program. It was held at a city park (Piper Park), instead of a golf course. I don’t even remember how many days each week we practiced. But here is what is important.

Golf was easy! I hit the ball every single time. From the first swing, to the last, every single time. The ball when in the air, and for the most part right where I was aiming. The class ended, I went on to other things, and really never gave golf another thought. OK, I did think that golf on TV was boring (I’m more of a football and basketball fan).

The next time I held a golf club, I was 19. My brother helped get me into the movie industry right out of High School. My first movie (grip/electric) was Mystic Pizza. We worked six days/week, and on one of the Sundays that we had off, a group from the crew decided to golf. We shot a scene in the movie at a country club, and the staff set up some tee times for the crew.  I thought it’d be fun, so I was in. Especially since my memories of golf were that it was easy.

I will say this. I went from Piper Park (which doesn’t even have any golf holes), at the age of 10 to a country club in Connecticut (which has 18 holes, plus tee boxes, greens, roughs, water, trees, bunkers, etc) at the age of 19, without swinging a golf club a single time. Luckily, my naivete and and the supreme confidence that I developed at the age of 10 got me through.

It wasn’t easy! I hit some bad shots, and I hit some good shots. But I was able to work my way around the golf course. Which looking back on it was somewhat amazing.

After working on Mystic Pizza I moved to Los Angeles to continue working on movies. I remember playing one round of golf on an executive course with my brother. The experience was similar to my round of golf in Connecticut. I hit some good shots and some bad shots, but overall a little better just because the course was a lot easier.

After working in the movies for six years, I decided to go back to college to pursue a degree and a career in fitness. I wanted to follow my passion. Part of the curriculum included taking eight sports proficency courses. Now I know that sounds really easy, but we were graded on how well we performed the sport. We had to learn the rules of each sport, and teach and officiate. One of the electives was golf. I took it because I still thought that golf was easy.

But if you know anything about golf you know that the rules of golf are complex. At times it felt like I had enrolled in Law School, trying to understand the rules of golf (and for only 1 credit too). Like I said part of our grade was performance. We we graded on a scale of 1-10 on putting (from different distances, bunker play, and ball striking from 75 and 125 yards between two cones that were 20 yards apart.

We practiced twice a week and just like the summer program when I was ten years old, I got really good. I hit the ball well every time and for the most part very close to where I was aiming. Golf was easy again. I took this class my very last semester in colleges. I was 29 years old.

I spent the next decade focused on my career in fitness.

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