STAX Nutrition System – How Phase 1 Works

The STAX Nutrition System is the best carb cycling program that there is!

Here is how Phase one of the 3 Phase carbs cycling system works.

Phase 1 is designed to reset and boost your metabolism to its full potential for weight loss. Maximizing your metabolic potential (the calories you expend during a day) is vital to weight loss. If you have excess weight that you are interested in losing then your metabolism is most certainly not functioning optimally. The reason for this is that you have gone through extended periods of time not eating enough.

Most people who are over-weight have gone on and off of diets (Yo-Yo dieting). What happens when you do that is your metabolism slows down while you are dieting. Then you either reach your goal or decide that the diet isn’t working for you and you go back to eating the way you used to. The problem with that is your metabolism is now slower than when you started the diet. The end result is you will gain back the weight you lost even faster than you lost it.

Another way to slow down your metabolism is to be a chronic under eater. A chronic under eater is someone who is always avoiding eating and can’t understand why they continue to gain weight. Here how that works. To avoid gaining weight you either skip meals or eat extremely small portions to avoid weight gain. This will guarantee that you’ll have the slowest metabolism possible.

But how do you gain weight? Once or twice a week you attend a social event and eat normal portions. You figure you’ve been good all week, what can one meal hurt? Since you’ve been eating so little during the week, your body is in starvation mode. In an effort to prevent starvation your body stores all the extra calories you consume during that meal as fat.

 There are two important steps that will help you to reach your full metabolic potential.

1. Eating proper portions
2. Eating frequently throughout the day (5-6 meals)

By eating proper portions you will guarantee that you won’t gain weight. If your portions are too large you will certainly gain weight. If they are too small your will begin to slow your metabolism and eventually you’ll experience weight gain. Eating frequently throughout the day will help regulate your blood sugar, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol. 

Regulating your blood sugar and insulin will help fend off hunger and reduce the likelihood that you make bad food choices. When your cortisol levels are high your body stores much more of the food you eat as fat. You want to avoid that at all cost.

 The purpose of Phase 1 is to maximize the weight you will lose during Phases 2 and 3. But here is the good news. You will still lose weight on phase 1. So it’s a win-win scenario for you!

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