Jack LaLanne, My Fitness Career and Sushi!

I can’t let today pass without acknowledging the passing of a true legend. Jack LaLanne, you will be missed!

Jack LaLanne was truly a pioneer in fitness. In many ways he created the fitness industry. And because of that I was able to pursue a career in fitness. I wake up happy everyday, because I know I get to spend my day doing something I’m passionate about. I am LUCKY!
18 years ago, during a weekend get away in Morro Bay California, I decided to have some sushi for dinner. Just a few minutes after I sat down for dinner at the bar, Jack LaLanne walked in. At first I didn’t recognize him, but the friend I was with did. I knew who he was, and I thought it was cool that here was there.

But it gets better, he sits at the bar next to me, turns to me and says, “I’m Jack LaLanne, and this is my wife Elaine.”

I introduce myself, “My name is John.” then without pause I turn to his wife and say, “That means your name is Elaine LaLanne.” She says, “That’s right, I’ve heard that a million times.”

He reached out his hand to shake mine, grips it so hard that he damn near breaks it.

For the next 90 minutes we eat and talk about fitness, nutrition, exercise and business. It was an evening I’ll never forget. Here’s why….

At the time I had just made the decision to leave the film industry to pursue a career in fitness. I was still working on movies to save money to pay for college. And I got spend an evening with a 78 year old fitness pioneer; he had so much positive energy, passion, and enthusiasm for life (plus a shit load of grip strength). I knew right then that I was making the right choice to pursue my passion!

Everything that I ever do for the rest of my life, will be influenced and inspired by that evening, and the life of Jack LaLanne. Thank you Jack!

Elaine, my thoughts are with you…
John Preston

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