Standing Cable Fly

Start Position

Finish Position

This is an exercise you’ll learn in my seminar “Introduction To Resistance Training, Level 3 Advanced Exercises”. The Standing Cable Fly (or Pec Fly) is a great exercise because it strengthens the following muscles

  • Pectoralis Major and Minor (chest)
  • Anterior Deltoid (front of shoulder)

I know that this exercise may not seem advanced since it’s a very common exercise. But I’ve put it in my “advanced” seminar because prior to adding this exercise to your routine, it’s important to establish adequate strength of the upper back and shoulder joint.

At the start position you should stand tall, and stagger stepped (one foot in front of the other). Grab the handles and hold them at your side at shoulder height, with your palms facing forward. Your elbows should be extended but not locked.

From the start position you should exhale as you bring your hands forward and then together. Whatever angle there is at your elbows at the beginning of the movement should stay the same throughout the entire movement.  Avoid shifting your body weight forward as you bring your hands forward. Squeeze your chest as you bring your hands together.

Inhale as you return your hands to the start position. Avoid allowing your body to rock back as you return your hand to the start position.

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