Hello my name is John Preston


John Preston

I’ve been a fitness professional and personal trainer since 1993. I’ve created Fitness Know How Headquarters to be a solution to what I see as a huge gap in the fitness industry. That gap is access to accurate and useful health, fitness and nutrition information that you can use today to improve your life.

My guiding philosophy in creating this site is that the only way you’ll ever succeed at anything is to first know what you’re doing. During my countless hours working inside gyms and fitness centers I’ve observed thousands of people who have the best of intentions and the highest of hopes that they will finally stay committed to their program and reach their goals. I’ve watched these same people come to the gym day in and day out and seemingly never make any progress. From those same observations I’m confident that the primary reason most people come up short of their goals is that they simply don’t know what they are doing. As a fitness professional I had occasional feelings of frustration observing this process. I always knew that I could help everyone I was observing, but those people either believed that they knew what they were doing and didn’t need my help. Or, in many cases, they simply couldn’t afford the $35-$75/hour that I’ve charged during my career and lastly it would have been completely inappropriate for me to walk away from a client that is paying me to help someone who isn’t.

My goal with Fitness Know How Headquarters is to change all of that. My goal is to change the fitness industry forever. I will empower you with all the information and tools that you’ll ever need so that you can finally achieve every single one of your health, fitness or weight loss goals.

The Fitness Industry has it all backwards. We take your money and charge you memberships and sell you personal training packages first. We sell the memberships and the personal training packages as your commitment to your goals. After that, and only after that, we advise you on the things you should be doing to achieve your goals. Only to find out, all too often, you weren’t ready to make those changes in the first place. The only thing you were ready for was to spend your money and hope you were really ready to succeed. Only to find out that you weren’t ready and you beat yourself up for it all the time.

You say things like:

1. I need to exercise
2. I need to eat right
3. I need to lose weight

Do you want to know the truth?

1. You don’t need to exercise
2. You don’t need to eat right
3. You don’t need to lose weight

You can remain sedentary. You can eat unhealthy. You can stay fat. You might have a lower quality of life and you may not live as long. And that’s ok. If you’re not ready, stop fooling yourself. You’re just going to drive yourself crazy!


To succeed you have to realize three things:

1. This is a journey; it’s about the journey, not the destination.
2. Learn to enjoy the process.
3. You have to want it

Learn to say and think and believe the following:

1. I want to eat healthy
2. I want to lose weight
3. I want to exercise

If you’re not ready click here  I’ll stay in touch and when you’re ready we’ll get started.

If you are ready, join me  Let’s start your journey I’m here to help!

That’s my Passion

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